Category & Product Based Shipping

//Category & Product Based Shipping

Category & Product Based Shipping


  • Allows admin to add different shipping price for each simple product or category
  • Supports all the simple products only
  • Total shipping charges will be displayed on the checkout page
  • Shipping charges can also be applied for per product
  • Sets a default shipping rate if shipping price is not defined in product or category
  • Admin can specify the sort order of the method. Their is an option to choose between the category shipping or product shipping
  • If one of the product is available in more than one categories than we can set shipping by category with two options that is high and low
  • Shipping method can be set for all customer group or selected group
  • Shipping method can be set for all countries or selected countries
        • If high is selected it applies highest shipping price among all categories
      • If low is selected it applies lowest shipping price among all the categories

    Magento Editions Compatibility:
    Community Edition: 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x


    Frontend Demo
    Backend Demo

    User Name : OscpFlatship
    Password : password123

    Screenshots :

    Product Description

         Shipping Based On Category & Product Based Shipping Module allows Admin to add different shipping price for each simple product or category. This extension support all the simple product. On checkout page total shipping charges will display, by calculating shipping charges of each product.This also gives option for:

    • Making the sum of all simple products
    • Making the sum of all products with quantity increased
    • Setting a default shipping rates(Applied if shipping price is not defined in category or product)
    • Shipping applied on the base of customer group
    • Shipping allow to applicable countries

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