Magento Customization Services

Magento being a well known E-commerce system, provides a flexible environment to change and modify its features and functions as per business requirements and specifications. These changes are called Customizations. Magento provides versatile customization options, which helps us to personalize it according to the business needs. We have Designer’s and Developer’s expertised and experienced in Magento Customization who works to give out quality results for our worldwide clients. We provide quality services in Magento Customization such as:

  • Templates Module
  • Multi Store Personalization
  • Share Cart
  • Feature Product Module
  • Best Seller Module
  • Special Product Module
  • Catagories Customization
  • Sub Catagories Module
  • Navigation Customization
  • SEO Customization
  • Website Speed Optimization etc.

Magento Customization…

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Our Magento Share Cart Module for Multi Store provides sharing of shopping cart between the sub-stores with additional functionality to shop from any store with same cart.
We have customized the Magento Multi Store functionality in such a way that shopping cart will be shared between the sub-stores so that the customer can purchase the desired products from any sub-store of the Multi Store and can checkout easily.
Check our demo to see how share cart works: Magento Share Cart for Multi Store Demo To see admin configuration please Contact Us
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View all products for Magento is one of our service which add a functionality to your Magento webstore to show all product.
The Magentocommerce does not have any extension or default module to show all products on a page.
Our view all products module helps customer to produce a list of all products on a page.
Search Engine Optimization experts recommend having a view all products or all products links on the site as it provides an easy path for Search Engine Spiders.
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Demo of Product based shipping in Magento. Like osCommerce, CREloaded and other shopping cart system Magento Commerce also supports the Product Based Shipping Module. The shipping module has various options like flat rate, table rate, free shipping and there are some of the shipping services providers USPS, UPS, Fedex etc., with their own shipping options.

These works on various aspects related to product like weight, price, total quantity of items in cart, shipping address, destination address etc.

In Magentocommerce there is no such extension available that provides the individual or product based shipping, if some one wants shipping products based then Magentocommerce does not have any option.

We found this is most needed and essential if some one want to go with “Product based shipping” in Magento.

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Magento comes with all the features and functionalities which are useful to develop an eCommerce website or online store. Magento also enables us to personalize any of its Module, or to develop a custom Module as per requirement. We at oscprofessionals, design and develop custom modules which are integrated with your Magento to fulfill your business needs. To know more about process involved in Magento Custom Module Development, Click Here
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Magento have its own templates and designed pages integrated to it. But to make the website unique and more appealing, these templates have to be customized. We help you to give your website a unique look and make it more attractive by designing, customizing and integrating the templates to your Magento eCommerce site.
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Magento Payment Gateway Integration
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Magento Ecommerce Shopping Cart Development
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