How do I include “product code” in the purchase order message which i would share with vendor to place order?

Please check following steps for your query of product code: - You can share PDf of order with your vendor instead of message to use product code. - First, configure PDF from setting section and enable "show product code". - Then share your order as "PDF", So now you can share product code with order [...]

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How to Manage Vendors/Suppliers ?

- User can add new vendor from "Add vendor" page. - User can see all vendors in vendor list, where user can see detail by clicking on vendor name. - From vendor detail page user can call to vendor.( if and only if user has saved contact number in add vendor page) - By long [...]

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How to Create Purchase Order?

A sales executive can install this on his buyers mobile and train them to create purchase order and send message. Also a sales executive can use for his own procurement related to business activity. - Select language of Product by clicking on icon of upper right corner of screen. - User can select category of [...]

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How to Manage Purchase Orders ?

- In Purchase orders list user can see all the list orders which user had placed . - User can search vendor name from toolbar search icon. - User can directly switch from order list to order form page by tapping on " +" button from toolbar. - In order list, user can view the [...]

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