In Magento there are three types of Product Relations:

  • Upsell Product
  • Related Product
  • Cross sell Product

1. Upsell Products:

Upsell products are listed in the product informations page and thats mean, “You may also be interested in the following product(s) ”. From my point of view, usually here you should include more expensive products in this area.

2. Related Products:

Related products are listed in the product informations page and customer has the probabilistically of adding them to the cart at the same time as the main product

3. Cross sell Products:

Cross sell Products are listed in the cart page and mean, “People that bought these also bought….”. That is not exactly true for Magento because the links are made manually.

How to manage Up-sell, Related & Cross-sell products from admin side?

Go to Magento Admin: Catalog → Manage Products → Edit product → Related Products/Up-sells/Cross-sells Tab


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