Simple Product In Magento

Simple product is a product to which we can sell individually, or in association with Configurable, Group or Bundle product.Process to create Simple Product:

  • Catalog->Manage Product->Add Productadd product 1
  • Select Attribute Setscreen2
  • Select product typescreen3

    product information 4

  • Fill Product Information of General fieldgeneral 5
    • Name: Name of your product, that will be display at front-end.
    • SKU: SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is the unique identifier for the product.
    • Weight: Enter weight of product, It will consider during checkout.
    • Status: Set Enabled to display product otherwise it will not display.
    • Tax Class: Select tax class for your product from drop-down, you can select Default, Taxable Goods or None.
    • Visibility: Determines visibility for your product, it want to display with catalog or search.
  • Fill the information of Price fieldprice 6
    • Price: It is the price of the product, it will display at front-end.
    • Group price: It is the price that offer to specific customer group, it will display at front-end as a Special price.
    • Cost: It is actual cost of the product,it not displayed to the customer,it used to generate income.
    • Tier Price: It used to offer quantity discount.
    • Special price: Special price can offer on some special occasion. By setting from date and to date you can offer special price.
    • Apply MAP: Minimum Advertise price it used to hide price from customer. It doesn’t display price at catalog.
    • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price : The retail price as suggested by the manufacturer.
  • Browse and upload product imageimages 7
  • Description of productdescription 8

    Add description to your product. It will display at front-end. It is mandatory field

  • Set Inventory informationinventory 9
    • Manage Stock: Select yes to manage stock
  • Qty: Enter quantity of your product
  • Qty for item’s status to become Out of stock: Set value to show the your stock become out of stock
  • Minimum quantity allowed in shopping cart: Set minimum value limit that you allow at your shopping cart
  • Backorder: If you set Allow Backorder, it allow to place order when product is out of stock
  • Notify for quantity below: When ordered quantity not available in stock, it accept order and send notification to customer
  • Enable quantity increment: If it is set to Yes it will sell your product in increments of entered value
  • Stock Availability: Set In Stock to show availability of product at front-end, otherwise it will not display
  • Select Website to show created productwebsite 10
  • Select Categoriescategories 11

    Assign product to category

  • Add Related Product, Up sells, Cross sellscross sells 12

    You can expand this field. If you want to add product.

  • Create Custom Optioncustom 13

    Using Custom option you can add various options to your product. For example, color, sizes,etc.

  • Save ProductProduct will display at front-end.

    Simple Product at front-end

    frontend 14

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