18 Tips to secure your WordPress site

Having a website and driving business online seems to be a pretty simple but managing security of your WordPress website is tricky and essential. As per sucuri 90% of CMS websites hacked in 2018 were WordPress sites. Security is like securing your property from thieves to get all stolen your sensitive data. Securing WordPress site [...]

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Most common mistakes hitting traffic

Making a top-notch website becomes secondary when you are not able to pull the desired number of people to your site.That is why we are going to discuss some points that might be hitting the traffic of your eCommerce store.We can bifurcate these pointers in 2 category - 1) Marketing Strategy 2) SEO strategySEO mistakesHaving [...]

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Cloud Based solution for E commerce- Shopify

When it comes to eCommerce solution "SHOPIFY" is the standard cloud-based eCommerce store platform used by many businesses (and many entrepreneurs) to set up an online store to sell your goods. Shopify is exemplary for you if you want to launch an online shop and continue to grow your business by selling your products online. [...]

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Roles and permissions

Why we need Roles and Permissions? As the business grow bigger and bigger, the number of department’s increases and the system get decentralized. That is different people performs different Roles. If you have an Ecommerce business, every activity is monitored and controlled via ADMIN section. Critical aspect such as price [...]

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Debugging Tricks and Tools in Magento 2

Debugging, in computer programming and engineering, is a multistep process that involves identifying a problem, isolating the source of the problem, and then either correcting the problem or determining a way to work around it. The final step of debugging is to test the correction or workaround and make sure it works. There are built [...]

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How to create a custom module in Magento® 2?

Hello Friends, We will create a custom module in Magento 2 named "HelloWorld", that will show output as "Hello World" to the content block using a custom frontend route. So we will create a module with Namespace "Oscprofessionals" and Module Name "HelloWorld". "Oscprofessionals_HelloWorld" Before creating the first module, we have to understand the differences [...]

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How to use Store Email Address and Sales Emails in Magento

Store Email address used in business to sent a various messages such as Welcome message, Order Confirmation message, Email Confirmation message, etc. Magento have some Store Email Address By default. General Contact Sales Representative Customer Support Custom Email 1 Custom Email 2 1. You can set up the Email address for your store, from Admin [...]

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How can we manage Customer Configuration in Magento ?

Customer Configuration is helpful to manage the whole information regarding customer account. That is setting related to apply new customer account confirmation, Email template setting, Checkout, Customer Registration Process. Setting of Customer Configuration: Step 1. Go to Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Customers -> Customer Configuration Step 2. Account Sharing Options: Share Customer Accounts: [...]

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Share Product via Email to Friend in Magento

Like Wishlist, it is also way to share our products with friends via Emails. Email to a friend link will display on Product Details page. By adding recipients name and Email address you can share product. Email to Friend Setting: Step 1. Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Email to friendEmail Templates: Enabled: [...]

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