Social Media Optimization

What is it and how it works ?

When a business or company plans to launch an online business Social Media Optimization, the moment a website is launched, rivals/ competitors get alert and often try to threaten the business growth of the new entrants.

For Threatens , their rival’s business, many companies make use of various available public platforms that are easily available on the web. It is very difficult to trace people who are involved in posting malicious content about a certain company.

In Such crises internet marketing companies offering services in online reputation management ,come into play and provide assistance.

Today Social Media Optimization services are in high demand, we know that Social Media Optimization is one of the most effective web methods, Which is in use by most of the company to enhance the online visibility of the business deeds. These services are the best way to portray and spread information about the brand , product, services, business and a lot more using social media networks like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM AND MANY MORE PLATFORMS.

Components Working With Social Media Optimization

There are varieties of components working with Social Media Optimization,

Social Media Business Page Creation

Obviously, everything today streams in a convenient and swift manner. Social Media Networking is wide concept where people connect through internet resources to worldwide within a few secondsThis Networking is indeed widespread across the globe from where you can connect to anybody by sitting far away.
Direct link to your website on your social media site is very helpful .
It has been Observed that the links on social media channels are of higher quality because social networking sites have more authority on the web.

What steps to follow ?

  • Before setting up an account for your business , create personal profiles on popular social networks and use them first as an individual.
  • Get a sense of how each social network operates. Each Social Network site is different from other in terms of content types and the interaction manner of traffic with each other.
  • It is important to ensure that the contact information in your social profiles is exactly the same as it is on your website.

Why choose us ?

Business Page Analysis and Optimization

Well, we are here to tell you that if you have a business, it’s pretty much never the time to stop talking about your business and its development cause. You need to present the things differently.

It’s About Business, you need to design the things differently and implement it in the steps shared below

  • Your About Section or Bio section should be updated.
  • Frequent link checking of both social networks and website to make sure they still work.
  • Facebook – Shoot a good post and pick a target.
  • Instagram – When shooting a post on facebook , click the instagram block on facebook and let it run on Instagram. Put few hashtags in your original post and once released, be the first to comment and put a few “#” in the comments. This keeps the first post looking clean.
  • Use insta stories and GIF, Tweet about your business and related topics.
  • Pin your blog post to pinterest. Propose marketing through email to audience , let them know that you are still focussing on them.

Just keep marketing your business

Regular Posting


  • The mother of Social Media Platforms is Facebook. On FB there should be 1 post/day - As Facebook is the largest social networking site in social world. It is having approx. 1.9 billions unique monthly registrations.
  • Posts on Facebook should be depends upon the size of business. If the range of the business is smaller from a few hundred to a few thousands. For such business it is enough to shoot 1 post/ day.
  • If your main goal isn't to drive website traffic, but instead to engage with followers, then two posts per day can work if you focus on the right content to engage your audience. By focussing on FB marketing there should be one or two post/day with a quality of content and traffic catching blogs, rather than shooting multiple facebook posts per day just for the sake of posting.


  • Twitter is the second largest social media platform , It works similar to Facebook. Being a business owner it is important to make efforts to bring out the marketing goals. If you set goals for your business marketing, it will be easier to heightened awareness of your brand, each goal will require a different set of actions on twitter.
  • If you are tweeting, it should not be annoying and spamming, as it will drop down the interest of the audience towards your page. For engaging traffic for your marketing campaign, there should be 10 to 15 tweets per/day which will create more opportunities for retweets.If your are planning to tweet one or two tweets per day, your tweets are not reaching their full potential audience.
  • On twitter there are approx. 500 million tweets per day, and if you are posting only one tweet, you are definitely getting lost into the swarm of content.The important note to make for tweeting posts, you should not post the exact info more than once and use hashtags to make sure your message get found.


  • Instagram is the third highest platform in social media marketing, it should be a 1 or 2 post/day. Here the focus should be on consistency.On Insta, you cannot go pass for days or weeks. You have to be active on a regular basis to raise the followers.
  • There will be a risk of not getting followers as desired , due to inconsistency and inactiveness regarding the posts. The traffic on your insta feed will get automatically increase , if you are posting 1 or 2 extraordinary posts rather than 10 to 15 no so attractive posts.


  • The fourth social media platform, It is all about visible content and being able to to find people with the same tastes and similar interests. If you are reading a board or following new feeds, you should be using this platform everyday.
  • When you are posting content , videos or pictures it should be multiple times a day rather than posting all of the content at one.

Participate in Committee

When your client, both new and existing, need support, the first place they turn to is your website or social media channels. Having a forums and committee allows you to address the most common queries in your business all in one thread or conversation.
Participating In committee , where discussion will take place about the company and its product & service. You will come to know the failure and rise in business.

Trending #hashtags

Hashtags became the major source (Trends) of engagement and attention of social media. Hashtags not only highlights the inside meaning of a picture or a tweet, but also raise the rankings of the post.

You cannot use hashtags at every point, its having some major points of using hashtags to highlight words.

There are specific conditions for using Hashtags we will suggest ….

Content Promotion

The quality of content is indeed very important , but that alone is not sufficient.Those who Post Content and Simply wait for readers are bound to be disappointed .There should be not only the content creation but devote a consideration amount of time for content promotion also. When the content is really excellent it gets a lot of readers.

Social Media Is the best way to promote your content, we will help you out ……

How ?

User Engagement

Its difficult to engage with users on social media.It takes the right way, right strategy and the deep understanding to get your customers to interact with your brand.

Here are the most effective ways for the proper user engagement.

Knowing your audience:

Give your customer ways and means to communicate with you and they will offer their suggestions for your betterment and

Encouraging your audience :

Interact with the customer, let them know that every review of theirs is important.

It is the way of showing your customer that you value them too. Reward your audience for giving feedback .

What matters a lot ?

Being able to get to know what really matters to the client,makes it easier to know that the options are

and how to better advise the client as to better case. Although this is something harder to do at the beginning , with time and experience, you will get the idea regarding the case and the solution for the same.

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