Search Engine Marketing

Is there any rocket science

There is no magic Search Engine Marketing Formula for achieving a top ranking in the search engines. There are multiple no. of Search Engines available , the most popular ones are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Be wary of Search engines marketing information that claims to be “the Secret” for achieving top rankings in the search engines.

What exactly does it mean ?

In simple terms , Search Engine Marketing is a form of Digital Marketing used for increasing the visibility of a website in search engine results pages .SEM includes SEO tactics as well as several other search marketing tactics.It is the best medium of Internet Marketing a very cost effective way to grow your business and increase profits as compared with other marketing mediums.

It is the most popular medium for locating information. If your business isn’t actively following search engine promoting, you can take care of one amongst your competitors is.

Search Engine Marketing Works with

Search Engine Marketing works on the components such as Search engine optimization, Website Optimization, Landing Page optimization and the use of paid search such as pay per click (PPC) listings and advertisements, Content writing and marketing , Conversion Optimization.

Many times, SEM strictly includes PPC campaigns and activities, but in case of SEO and paid search it comes under SEM efforts.

Briefing of Components

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization is the main component of Search Engine Marketing. Without SEO , SEM will not provide prescribed result.
  • It involves using techniques to help search engines find and rank your website in organic search results.
  • Organic search results are the rankings of web pages returned by the search engines when you search for a keyword.

Website Optimization or Landing Pages

  • It is the process of controlling changes to upgrade the website and to seek the business goals.
  • Website optimization totally depends upon the type of business, target customers and the desired action of traffic.
  • It will help to improve the performance of Website. The owners go through different experiments by website optimization to check the conversion rate and the final output.

Landing Page Optimization

  • These are the key components of Search Engine Marketing, This optimizations specially work for the sales generation. This comes under paid online marketing.
  • For Landing page optimisation, you need to understand the traffic channels and to maintain the same messaging across different mediums.
  • Your Landing page design should be flawless , it will grab the attention of the visitors and compels them to complete a conversion

Content Writing and Marketing

  • Content Marketing is all about using content to attract and retain visitors, and eventually turn them into customers.Content Writing is the backbone of Search Engine Marketing.
  • The content written for the website should be relatable with the browsing terms used for searching. Keywords plays a vital role in content writing.
  • Quality content helps customers to trust brands which directly grows the branding graph and no.of visitors.

Pay Per Click

  • The name defines the working method of the component, You pay for each click for the Ads displayed on the search engine.
  • In PPC , the particular amount of money you pay for every click made for these ads. The more you pay, the higher your ad will likely appear in the search.
  • It is not an expensive way, if you do it in the right way. If you want you can set limits on how much you pay per click and how much you pay per day, which directly shape your cost control.

Conversion Optimization

  • Conversion Optimization is the process of recognizing the ratio of active or inactive website visitors.
  • This is the method of optimizing the number of conversions compared to the number of visitors.
  • It finds out how visitors go through the site, are they interested, about their actions and what’s stopping them for proceeding further…..
  • Successfully done, A successful conversion is every instance when a visitor completes a desired action on your website.
  • Search Engine Marketing can be improved by good ratio of conversion optimization

How SEM works?

  • It is a technique to bring traffic to your website. It is having 2 Model of method, one is paid and the other one is Unpaid.
  • Paid model is Cost per Click (CPC) and Unpaid model is Cost Per Mile (CPM) . This is a quick way to start getting traffic on your website.
  • A Marketing company should know the needs and goals of the clients with whom they are working. A SEM company should have skills to identify and determine the size of the website and features which is good for your products and services.
  • A company always have the goal to be on the top rank in every search engine for its business. This is only possible by selecting keywords to include the website’s content.
  • Search Engine marketing purely works on Algorithms to ensure the highest linked up results for each search which also includes the location and all the other information available at the origin.
  • Search Engine Marketing plays an essential role in paid search advertising, ads which arrive at the side of the page or at the top. Which is eye catching and increases the no. of visibility of the page.

But purely from the Marketers Stance

Search Engine Marketing is a self-serve operations. There is only a need to select a network , you will automatically get rise in campaign within short duration.

The marketer should need to go through the settings within SEM,

  • Keywords selection related to website and Product
  • Location for the ADs display
  • Text for the ads , wants to display in the search results
  • Pay per click on ADs having the offer on the price they were paying.

OSCP will help you out for

Oscp will provide the search engine optimization services that will help you make the most out of your business’s search results.

We will use our expertise to grow your online presence and turn that into new customers and more business.

With the help of Search Engine Marketing, we will provide the strategy for successful online marketing for products and services.

Why you should go with Search Engine Marketing?

If a person is thinking for start-up which requires a good funding and a sufficient knowledge about marketing for promotion. He will spend money only after exploring the usefulness of the model.

Grabs Attention of Visitors:-

Traffic who research online know exactly what they are looking for, else they wouldn’t have used the keywords you are targeting. This directly proposes that your content and ads are in front of highly engaged traffic, who are actually looking for offers like yours.

Easy to implement:-

It can be easily implemented within few hours , highly flexible and configurable.

Easy to Analyse:-

One can easily analyse the branding effect , can track the campaigning ratio expenses

Increases Branding:-

Increase in brand marketing which leads to increase the traffic towards the website.

Business Growth and Conversion:-

Compared to other advertising media, paid search strategies are more efficient. It also helps in converting traffic from visitors to customers .

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