Ready Dispatch Management Cloud Based System End to End Solution

Oscprofessionals is premier provider of the end to end custom solutions based on Industries requirement.
Woocommerce dispatch Management system is a fully functional solution for businesses having warehouses at different location. Our dispatch management system minimizes the manual efforts of a business owner to take order from customer/vendors/sales executives as it is a web based application supported with a Native android app.

This system is usefull for wholesalers, Transportation, Construction businesses, etc. A business owner can use this system as responsive website for their business and role based access level help them to manage business efficiently and effectively.

An integrated mobile application enhances the usability of the application. The mobile Application can be used by sales executive(s), Vendors, customers. It is real-time synced with web portal.

The system user can interact with web and mobile application based on the privileges set from web backend.

Our solution supports below features:

  1. Product Catalog Management
  2. Enquiry Management
  3. Offer/Quote Management
  4. Quote to Order placement
  5. Order Management
  6. Dispatch schedule
  7. Billing & Payment handling
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Role based Job allocation and management
  10. Warehouse Management
  11. Drivers Management
  12. Vehicle Management
  13. Employee Management
  14. Vendor Management

The system generates notification in the system on add/edit of enquiry, quote order, vendor, customer by email, SMS.