Multi Store

Multi Store is one of the greatest revolutions in shopping cart websites.
The concept of Muti store borns with the increase in use and demand of multiple webstores linked to a single webstore.
Of late, many webstore owners are compiling their webstores at one place using the Multi Store functionality.
The Multi Store can be easily implmented with osCommerce, Magento,CRELoaded and Zen-Cart.
We are pleased to include the Multi Store functionality as one of our premier services.
We hold expertise in Multi Store solutions and provide Multi Store services using osCommerce, Magento and CRELoaded platforms.

You can visit our Multi Store demos by clicking on any of the following links:

osCommerce Multi Store

Magento Multi Store

CRELoaded Multi Store

The Multi Store modifications help to assign the products and categories to multiple webstores through a single admin panel. There will be the main store admin called super admin who has all priviliges and has moderation over all the sub-stores. The other webstores can see and access the admin according to the previliges assigned to them.

The super admin will assign categories to be displayed on desired store-fronts. The super admin also assign the products in that category to be displayed on desired store-fronts.

In osCommerce Multi Store and CRELoaded Multi Store you cannot share the shopping cart within sub-stores.
But for Magento we have developed a module called “share cart module for Magento Multi Store”. With the help of this module, the shopping cart will be shared within sub-stores.

Click here to visit our share cart module for Magento Multi Store.

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