Multi store

Multistore allows you to create multiple installations of osCommerce with all installations sharing the same database! You create stores in the admin side and assign the various aspects of osCommerce to the specific stores you want.
It accomplishes this task by creating a configuration table for each created store. This modification allows for all the different stores to have their own unique configurations (shipping modules, payment modules, minimum/maximum values, etc.).
Therefore, each store is independent of the other with regards to the store product catalog, categories, specials, manufacturers, and other configuration data.
Features :

  • One centralized superadmin control
  • One database manage for all stores
  • Create Multiple stores by superadmin
  • Manage permissions of store admins
  • Customer groups and Group pricing
  • Manage products distributors

Demo URL:
Site store Demo

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Admin Demo
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Products Attribute Sort(Reduce Time)
This is a Product Attribute Sort Contribution which is useful for oscommerce/ Creloaded. This Contribution is set attribute sort order for attribute value of products.

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