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osCommerce search engine optimization

osCommerce search engine optimization (SEO) need emerges as the online shopping trend increases.

“We provide an effective and efficeint search engine optimization (SEO) service with quality assurance.

By considering the need of customers and web store owners we provide a SEO package.

Our osCommerce SEO package includes:

Section I: SEO Objective

Section II: Target specific

Section III: Methodology

Section IV: Natural Optimization Strategy

Section V: Implementation and Development

Section VI: Tracking and Reporting

Section VII: Proposed Budget


Section I: SEO Objective

Increase your search engine presence, ranking, no of visitors and ultimately the sale of your products.

Section II: Target specific

We will take 5 key phrases and optimize with guarantee of at least 2 of them in Top 10 in Google search.

Section II: Methodology

    • Analysis:

Analyzing the site and concluding on the key phrases to be targeted.

    • Details Submission:

For submission we will need some details like Site Name, address, Title etc. We will communicate with you to get this document completed.

    • Questionaires:

We will come up with some questionnaires which will help us to plan and target the key phrases.

Section IV: Natural Optimization Strategy

    • On Page optimization:

We will make code modifications/enhancement needed for SEO.

Note: We will need co-operation and permission to do the modifications wherever required. Our suggestions will not hurt site looks.

    • Reciprocal link building:

We will exchange links of your site with other sites.

    • Directories Submission:

We will do the bulk submission of your site link in various directories.

    • Articles (Optional):

Add articles to your site and submit articles to free articles sites.

Section V: Implementation and Development

As per the Goals set for the site SEO campaign we will schedule the mile stones and carry out the Implementation and Development of the proposed strategy to achieve the end result in targeted period. In this phase we will need co-operation through quick response and requested contents from your end.

Section VI: Tracking and Reporting

We will come up with key phrase ranking report weekly or after every 15 days.

Section VII: Proposed Budget

We will quote after analyzing the site and having a brief idea about the key phrases.


  • We assure your site to be on first page of Google for a minimum of 2 key phrases out of 5 selected.
  • Unethical SEO techniques will not be used in our SEO.
  • We will not carry out any changes on your website without prior approval.


  • Apart from key phrases optimization our SEO enhances the keywords ranking.
  • Additionally we will add Google feed as an option.
  • Suggestions to site admin for content management to make site SEO friendly.


  • We do not recommend targeting key words. We recommend key phrase analysis and search engine optimization on those key phrases.
  • The content will be provided by you. If we have to do the content analysis or writing will be charged extra apart from the campaign budget.
  • FAQ :

    Hi, I’m a new member and I’m having trouble getting my cart to calculate sales tax for just my state. My business is in California.
    Ans :
    Take the following steps: http://jaya/jaya/ensys_project_codebase/product_info.php?&products_id=91

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