CRELoaded Multistore

CRE Loaded Multi-Store

The concept of Multi store emerges to fulfill the need of a store owner to run multiple webstores from a single webstore with a single admin and database.

Many webstore owners opt for the Multi store concept within the existing webstore.

Multi store is one of our most popular services. We provide Multi store servises in CRE loaded, as well as Magento and osCommerce.

The osCommerce and CRE loaded structures are quite different. Even the file system of the template in CRE loaded is different from osCommerce; hence, it is slghtly more complex to design a Multi store using CRE loaded. OSCP’s Multi store with CRE loaded handles all the short-comings of integration of the Multi store with Creloaded. The features of the CRE loaded Multi store offered by us are comparable to that of a osCommerce Multi sotre.

CRE Loaded Multi-Stores Demo:

Main Store.

Sub-store 1

Sub-store 2.

For admin details of CRE Loaded Multi-Stores please Contact Us

Our CRE loaded Multi store has a single admin from where the webstore owner can assign categories as well as the products to a sub-store – this main admin called as super admin. Depending on the previliges given by the admin to the sub-stores, one can see and access the catalog, reports, etc. Shopping carts are NOT shared between the sites.

The main features of CRE loaded Mutli store are:
1. Multiple front ends all linked to the same backend.
2. Managing several online stores using the same backend.
3. Product catalogue split into several front ends.
4. A system with multiple front ends, but with a common database.

The main advantages of CRE loaded Multi store include:

  • Multiple stores help you easily edit almost any data in your CRE loaded store using the Store  Manager for CRE loaded facility.
  • Multiple front ends all linked to the same backend.
  • An effective online marketing tool where you can easily reach the buyer with differentiated and product-relevant domain names.
  • Managing multiple online stores using a single backend simplifies operations.
  • Your own work easy to manage separate store.
  • Different store orders can be collated and can easily be dispatch at one go.
  • A single product catalogue can contribute to various front ends.
  • The front-ends and the back-end are hosted on the same server.

The Multi store concept is for those store owners who have multiple online CRE loaded stores and want to increase the offering in their webstores, while at the same time use the same database for all their online stores. The multiple online store front-ends link to the same back-end and the same CRE loaded database.

Every store owner wishes to install this system, whereby you can manage multiple online stores with the same database.

OSCP’s CRE loaded Multi store will provides you the entire range of CRE loaded multiple store development and online business services and solutions.

We recommend the following features to be present along with a CRE loaded Multi store:

– Fast Easy Checkout

– Recover Cart Sales

– List of customers Online (Store-wise)

– Featured Products (Store-wise)

– All Products (Store-wise)

– Manufacturer details (Store-wise)

We wish you all the best in the growth of your online business with the help of Multiple stores.

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