Magento cart provides easy use of payment gateway and payment methods. You can configure them directly from Admin Panel of Magento cart and there is no need of coding. The following improvements and modifications have been made to the methods of PayPal payment which are accessible in Magento cart. You can easily set up PayPal Payment methods.

  • In Admin Panel, for selecting PayPal payment methods new interface is available.
  • System configuration section of Admin Panel on a separated tab PayPal payment methods are set.
  • Editions of Website Payments Pro Pay-flow and Website Payments Pro are incorporated into one module of PayPal.
  • To help you to research your options of payment,there is availability of links to PayPal landing pages in Admin Panel.

Setting Up PayPal Payment Methods:
To assemble PayPal for your store based on Magento: Magento Admin Panel, select System→Configuration. Then, select the PayPal tab on the left. Merchant Account panel, you can set Merchant State- States which are accessible for selection are recorded as per the reference list of the PayPal World wide. So you have to just chose the businessperson’s state to which the Merchandiser’s PayPal account is matched. PayPal businessperson’s account and email related to it- for this purpose you have to enter the email ID which is used during the registration of Merchandiser account with PayPal.

  • Express Checkout
  • Express Checkout for Payflow Pro
  • Website Payments Standard
  • Pay-flow Pro Gateway
  • Website Payments Pro
  • Website Payments Pro Pay-flow Edition:

The Express Checkout for Payflow Pro, Express Checkout, and Website Payment Standard are the PayPal payment methods which ask that your customers to necessarily have customer accounts in PayPal.

Where as Website Payments Pro, Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition, Payflow Pro Gateway these methods do not require any customer’s account in PayPal and permit them to submit information regarding credit cards directly during checkout from your business website.

Express Checkout:
The button of Checkout with PayPal is available on the product view page of your shopping cart, as well as in mini shopping cart. This checkout button permits the consumer to review the price details of your shopping cart on PayPal site. For utilizing this method of payment, your customer needs to log-on to his/her customer account in PayPal website.
In case the consumer does not make use of express checkout button, then after an order is done, payment details must be stated to PayPal site. This method can also be used as standalone; in case the certificates of API were not specified, and the unilateral mode is used for mode of payment.
Express Checkout payment method is applicable in all states. PayPal Worldwide reference list is also available. If Website Payments Pro Pay-flow Edition payment method is enabled then Express Checkout is automatically disabled.

Express Checkout for Pay-flow Pro:
This method cannot be used standalone. It uses API certificate of the Website Payments Pro Pay-flow Edition payment or Pay-flow Pro Gateway methods.

Website Payments Standard:
The customer when place their order, this method redirects them to the PayPal website. If the consumer is having an account with PayPal website then procedure of payment will be an one step as he/she has only required to press the button of Pay Now for all the purchased items and for their shipping also. In case Website Payments Pro Pay-flow Edition and website Payment Pro these are enabled then in that situation the Website Payments Standard this mode of payment will be automatically unavailable or becomes disabled. This method of payment is also applicable in all nations from the Worldwide reference list of PayPal website.

Pay-flow Pro Gateway:
During the checkout process, credit card information is inserted. As consumer is using this mode of payment, there is no need to have an account in PayPal site. Once the order is completed, the process of credit card payment will be taken place with the help of Pay-flow Pro gateway of PayPal payment system.

Website Payments Pro:
The consumer doesn’t need to have an account in PayPal site, if the Website Payment Pro Gateway of PayPal is enabled. At the time of checkout from your business website they are not re-directed to the PayPal site. Consumer need to provide the details of their credit card in the section of ‘payment information’ of the checkout process, whenever they make an order.

Website Payments Pro Pay-flow Edition:
This method is applicable only for US and UK. You as a store owner essentially required to have Pay-flow Pro account in PayPal site for installing connection to system of payment. MasterCard, Solo, Visa and Maestro/Switch are the credit cards which are allowed in website Payment Pro Pay-flow Edition. If this method is enabled the express checkout for pay-flow payment gateway will be automatically enabled. Then it uses the website payment pro pay-flow edition, API certificates for making connection with PayPal website.