Magento Custom Module Development

Magento Customization needs knowledge of Magento architecture plus following Magento standard coding procedure.

With Magento custom Module development we follow Magento Standards.

Process followed for Magento Custom Module Developement:

  • Scope of work is documented for custom Module to be developed
  • Analysis is done and feasibility of that module development is checked
  • Once above two steps are done we come up with a time frame and a budget. If this is approved we follow further
  • A High level design of module is created
  • We then check if any additional server level support is needed. If so hosting company is queried and on confirmation of support we proceed further
  • Test cases and Layouts are defined
  • Forums is checked for issues faced by community member for something similar, so we have information in advance on what all can go wrong
  • Development of various classes of Modules as per High level design is done
  • Unit testing is done
  • Complete testing is done
  • Documentation for code maintenance and training is created.
  • Custom developed Magento module is delivered

There are some minor points carried out in parallel to above stated points but this is the standard that we follow while developing any Magento Modules.