– If user want to use tax, shipping and discount in additional with order, that time user can use tax order form.

– Same as standard order form select customer and add products.
– User can add product using barcode from upper right corner .

Select tax :

– By clicking on“Select tax” field, select the Tax value from dropdown.
– If you want new Tax value then click on Add new tax
– Then fill Tax value and click on Submit.

Select Shipping :

By Clicking on Shipping value, drop-down will open, select one of following.

– Free Shipping
– Enter shipping value: single blank field will open and user can fill the detail of shipping.

Discount : User can add discount for order( if any).

– Here “preview” will show the detail of order before share with customer like products which you have added and total amount , quantity and weight, shipping value and tax rate, and customer detail.
– If user want to re- create order by discarding current changes of order form then user can use “reset” button.
– By clicking on “save” user can place order and share with customer
– Here preview will show the Tax which you have added with total amount, shipping value, tax rate, quantity and weight.