Commission is very useful and important feature for brokers, customers and vendors.

a. How to use Add Product commission :

– by clicking on Add commission user will see the list of products.
– If you have to add commission for particular product, then click on arrow of that products, then select commission type ” fixed” or “percentage” from dropdown.
– Enter value of commission and update it and from there only user can delete commission type and value for product by clicking on delete button.
– you can select ” +” icon from toolbar to add commission to the products on which commission is not defined so you have to follow steps:
search Product Name from drop-down arrow >> select Commission Type from drop-down arrow >> enter value >> click on add button below.
– user can use multiple delete ( long press on any product will open checkbox, select check-box which we have to delete and click on delete option) to delete single or multiple products.

b. How to use Commission List :

– By clicking on commission list, as mentioned on previous products option as “Add product commission”added commission for product is calculated automatically for every order we had placed.
– By clicking on order arrow, the detail of commission is opened and
the total commission as per our product commission set, is calculated.
– There is also one field ” commission add manually” which helps to set commission as per user requirement.
– now coming back to manage commission, user can use date filter as per requirement by clicking on drop-down.
– there is one total commission field to right side of date filter which shows the total commission of all orders which can’t be edited.