– first select category from drop-down arrow, if you have to define new category then select add new category, from there itself so that category field will open in add product page.( this added new category will saved in your category list. You can Update and delete this new category whenever you want.
– Generate code -by clicking on Radio Button it will automatically create product code according to product name or user can manually fill product code.
– Here bar-code scanner on upper right corner helps to add product by scanning bar-code number through mobile camera.
– Alias is useful your for defining product name in other language which is understood by user.
– Sort order is useful for defining product list according to our priority Product. For using this feature first we have to enable “show product by sort order ” from setting config.

– Net package weight and volume is useful for shipping of goods.
– UOM/ units : User can select unit from list and if unit not present in list then user can define it from manage UOM.( Open drawer >> select manage UOM>> click on add icon on upper right corner >> enter your unit and save.)
– if user want reminder notification to purchase product before all product sold and to avoid shortage of product then that time user can define ” Minimum stock qty” so application will notify by sending notification on mobile, when the stock is below than defined qty.