1.Import Inventory sheet via CSV file the format should be like from first row Column A to column D are used for heading. Heading will be Product Name, Product Code and Qty , Low Stock

2.Please use same sequence which we have mentioned in point number 1.
(I application Under Inventory click on Click Here To See Sample File or refer sample file from sample file section on our website). Another easiest way to check CSV file is export the Inventory sheet and as per your requirement you can update information.

Product Name: Enter product name as per requirement.
Product Code: Enter unique code for products
Qty : Please Enter Stock Value of Product.
Low Stock: Please enter Low Stock Alert of Product.

3.Product Name,Product Code is a Mandatory field in Inventory sheet.

4.You need to make sure product name, product code must be defined while using this feature.

5. How to Specify Product Code and Product Name ? Make sure Combination of Product Code and Product name are same as product available in application.

6.”Product Code” and “Product Name” combination should be unique.

7.In Qty and StockValue number field only integers value will accept.