– To import products you have to create CSV file first .

Following step required to create CSV file.

    • Open Microsoft Excel.
    • Take a new excel file refer the sample file to create the CSV in import/export under products .
    • CSV file format should be from first row,Column A to Column H.
    • Heading should be Category, Product Name, Net Weight, Sort Order, Status, Rate, Alias, Code, Net Volume, Default UOM, Other UOM as we have provided in the sample file under products in import/export .{ Please do not change the sequence of the column name.}
    • After creating file choose Save As option from the file menu .Give the title to the file without space .
    • Select Save as type option to CSV [Comma delimited] [ .csv ] .
    • Check mark the Edit filter option below the Save as type and save the file .
    • After that one pop up will display click on [ keep current format] .
    • Again another pop up will display Export text file .
    • Select character set to Unicode [ UTF-8 ] and click on OK to save the file in CSV format .
    • Go to Dashboard >>Import/Export>>Products>>Import
    • Select the CSV file from the file manager