1. Import products via CSV file the format should be like from first row Column A to Column N are used for heading. Heading will be Category, Product Name, Net Weight, Sort Order Status,Rate, Alias, Code, Net. Volume,Default UOM,Other UOM, Cost Price,Special Price,Product Type.

2. Please use the same sequence which we have mentioned above OR Under products click on Click Here To See Sample File.
Another easiest way to check CSV file is export the product sheet and as per your requirement you can update product information.

3. Don’t Change sequence of Column Name, if you have changed then it will show error message.

4. Mandatory fields are Product Name, Product Code.

5. Columns like Net Weight, sort order, status and Rate, Volume, Cost Price and special price will accept only integer value.

6. Product code and name both should be unique.

7. For example complete row will look like
Category Name= Vegetables, Product Name=Spinach,Product Code=Spi123,Default UOM=kg, Other UOM=gm,bags,numbers,boxes.

8. By clicking on Export one popup will get display as Choose Type:
1. Export To Drive
2.Export To Mobile
If user select option as “Export To Drive” then CSV file will create in Google drive. and if user select option as “Export To Mobile” then CSV file will create in mobile storage(Exported csv file will be saved in Mobile >> Internal storage >> Sales Assist >> Product CSV> > .

9.What is Default Unit Of Measurement ? Its a default Unit(like Kg,gm,ltr,pcs etc) which we are using for product.

10 What is Other Unit Of Measurement(UOM) ?
If product Unit is different than default units then user can enter Other unit of measurement and that unit will get display.
Category : Under this user can insert name of category which your product name belongs.
Product Name: Enter your product Name.
Net Weight:Enter actual weight of product.
Sort Order: To sort order sequence as per requirement.
Rate: Enter actual rate for particular product. “\n”
Alias: Enter the sub name of product.
Code: Enter unique code for each product. It will be useful while searching.
Volume: Enter actual Volume of product.
Default UOM: Enter default unit which is required for product.
Other UOM: User can enter other units as per their requirement.
Cost Price: User can enter Cost Price of Product.
Special Price: Please enter special price for particular product.
Product Type: Please mention product type. Eg. Simple, Configurable.

Note: The csv file which have to import should not have Space, Otherwise it will show error.

Ex: Should be like – SalesAssistProduct.csv and not like Sales Assist Product. Csv