User can import product from drive also. For that user have to set id of that google sheet as given below :

1. Auto filled Spreadsheet Id:

>> Go to setting

>> Click on Product Import Configuration

>> Click on Get Id Button to Select Account where product Spreadsheet is saved.

>> Select Product Spreadsheet which user have to import from drive

>> Click On Select button (by selecting sheet, Application will automatically read & get Spreadsheet Id )

> Click on OK.

1. Manually Enter Spreadsheet Id

>>User can manually enter the Id of spreadsheet which user have to import (Copy Selected id from URL as shown in Screenshot)

>then paste in desired field
>> click on

Note: While user type spreadsheet Id manually, that time Google Account of that particular Spreadsheet should be Selected/Login with application. Then only it will work otherwise product will not import.

2. Once Spreadsheet Id is Set then Products of spreadsheet will be automatically imported from drive.

Then Go to Import/Export :

>>Import/ Export

>> Product Import

>> Select Import product from Drive(for first time user has to select google account)

>> Select Spreadsheet and click on select.

3.Now product will be imported from drive successfully.

4. Also user can share product CSV with other sales executive or team member or customer on their mail Id.
So that other user also can import product in their sales assist application