Owner or Higher Authority:

1. User have to check first Order CSV file provided by sales executive, if file is in proper format then user can import it.

While importing Orders make sure that File Header or Column name should be in proper format or sequence as below:

Order Id,Order Id No, Order Series,Order Date,Delivery Date,Customer ,
Customer Code,Phone No.,Customer Email,Product Name,Product Qty,Price/Unit, Unit, Amount,Product Code,City,Billing Address,Shipping Address, Total Weight,Total Volume,Total Qty, Tax%, Tax Amount, Shipping Amt, Discount, Total Amount, Comment, Order Status

2.After Importing Orders, User (Owner/Higher Authority) can view orders with details provided by sales executive.

Owner can provide unique series to each executive, it will help him to distinguish “How many daily orders were taken by each sales executive”. So this feature will be helpful to track the order and associated sales excutive

Note: User can import that file only, which is exported in export type “Export order with user define column” sheet format.