Import Product Tier Price sheet via CSV file, The format should be like from first row column A to Column D are user for Heading.

1.Heading will be Product Name, Product Code, Customer Group, Product Qty, Tier Price.

2.Please Use same sequence which we have mentioned in point number1.

You Can see sample file Sample file format for Importing CSV of Tier Price.

Another easiest way to check Sample CSV file is export the Tier price Sheet and as per your requirement you can update Information.

3.Product Name : Enter Product Name For which user want to set customer group and tier price.

Product Code: Enter unique code of product which is already exist for previously added product into application.

Customer Group: Enter customer group on which user have to set Tier Price. If user keep this column blank then It will take customer category General automatically.

Product Qty: Enter Qty of product on which user have to set Tier Price.

Tier Price: Enter Tier Price of particular product based on Qty.

4.Product Name, Product Code must be defined while using this feature.