– To import customers you have to create CSV file first .

Following step required to create CSV file.

    • Open Microsoft Excel.
    • Take a new excel file refer the sample file to create the CSV in import/export under customers .
    • CSV file format should be from first row,Column A to Column C.
    • Heading should be Customer Name , City , Contact Number as we have provided in the sample file under customers in import/export .
    • After creating file choose Save As option from the file menu , Give the title to the file without space .
    • Select Save as type option to CSV [Comma delimited] [ .csv ] .
    • Check mark the Edit filter option below the Save as type and save the file .
    • After that one pop up will display click on [ keep current format] .
    • Again another pop up will display Export text file .
    • Select character set to Unicode [ UTF-8 ] and click on OK to save the file in CSV format .
    • Go to Dashboard >>Import/Export>>Customers>>Import
    • Select the CSV file from the file manager