Sales Executive

1.Sales executive has to set alpha numeric value (series and numbers) from order setting
Note: This value will help higher authority to identify the sales executive who has placed the order. The series part from this value will be unique for each executive.

Follow below steps to configure:

>> Go to Settings
>> Sales order id configuration.
>> Set order series and Number

2. Now when you will place order, the Order Id will be displayed which will consist of Series and Number.

Example: If a sales executive sets ‘Series’ = ABC and ‘Number’ = 100
Then the ORDER ID will be ABC100. This series value will be same for every order that a particular sales executive will place, only the number part will change for each order.

3. Now, if sales executives want to share order then they have to export choose type as “Export order with user defined columns.”

Follow below steps:

>> Import/Export
>> Click in Export
>> Export with user define column.
>> Now share this exported file with owner or higher authority.