Magento customized option for products to be sold by dimension

Magento customized option for products to be sold by dimension. e.g. Glass, Plywood sheet, Aluminum Panels etc. Case :Want to sale 12 mm glass depending on length and breadth; say we have unit cost for glass as 2 USD per sq cm(sq unit).With this solution this will be achievable. Embroidery work: - Here we can get [...]

Apr 29th, 2011|

How to move Magento Multistore from one server to another server?

Use the following steps to move Magneto Multistore from one server to another server  : Step 1: Collect all backup and database of Magento Multistore from old server.Step 2: Create new data base for Magento Multistore on new server. Step 3: Transfer Magento Multistore files to root path. Step 4: Apply basic configuration through data [...]

Jan 28th, 2011|

Easy way to add Country and State/Province in Magento!

- As Magento's popularity increased,the need for personalized and friendly shop with Magento also increased. - Magento architecture, continuous use and the analysis is to reveal his deceptions. - To add Country and State / Province in Magento, there is no Magento extension or available. - After going through the Database structure of Magento and [...]

Jul 31st, 2010|

Sorting Categories Alphabetically In Magento

: Alphabetical sorting of categories in Magento is a major problem and it's very complex to change it through code. : After the examination we found that Magento uses positions to sort categories. : We developed the code, if executed by the value of the position to upgrade so that the categories of the store [...]

Jul 28th, 2010|
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