Shopping Cart Price rules in Magento perform a excellent activity for your store. It’s also same like Catalog Price Rules but Shopping Cart Price Rules will apply at Shopping Cart.

Sometime Store Owner want to show discount at shopping cart, then by using this rule of Magento you will do effectively.

To set this rule in Magento

Go to Admin Panel>Promotion>Shopping Cart Price Rules

Click on Shopping Cart price rules then click on Add new Rule button to add new rules then step by step go through the all fields to set the Shopping Cart Price rules. You need to fill the following fields information:

Rule Information
Rule Name:

Enter specific name to your rule. You can set Rule name as per your choice because it not display on front end it is for internal use only.


Set Active to activate rules,else not.


Select websites to which you want to apply rule.

Customer Group:

Select Customer Group. you may also select all customer group or to which you want


You may or not apply specific coupon to your rules. If you applied specific coupon to rule then there is to be need to first add coupon at shopping cart.

Uses per Customer:

It states, how many uses of coupon per customer. You can set value as per your wish.

Set From Date and To Date to keep rule valid to that period.

Set priority value 0 or 1. Priority will apply to rule when two rule applied to same product. First get priority to lowest number then to Highest number.

Set Conditions for your Shopping Cart Price Rules

In Condition

field you may select condition to where you want to apply rule. You can add Condition by clicking on Green plus symbol and then select Conditions combination.

After that you can choose attributes or SKU or Categories as per your preference and then select it.

Shopping cart price rules apply to product to which you select from condition.

You may apply rule to one or more conditions.

Shopping Cart Rule Action

After setting condition there is need to set action.

Here you can set Amount of percentage or fixed amount. Resulted Price will show as a discounted amount on shopping cart page.


Give Label name to your rule. You can give any name as a label name but make sure that it will display at Shopping Cart.

Manage Coupon Code

When in your rule you has set coupon information then you want to expand this field, else not.

After completing all information then finally you have to Save Rule to apply.

Listing Page

From above screen shot this is Category8(Cellphone). But rule is not applied here

Product Page:

Rule also not shown here that is Product Page

Shopping Cart Page:

Shopping Cart Price Rules applied here at Shopping Cart Page.

Total will shown after deduction amount that you has set for this rule. In above screen shot 30% amount is deduct from subtotal.

In this way, Shopping Cart Price Rules of Magento will work for your store.