How to create Virtual Product In Magento

Virtual products are those products, they do not have a physical existence. They represent something that can be sold. Service, warranty, insurance policies or subscription these are the virtual product. Process to Add Virtual Product: Step 1. Catalog>Manage Product>Add Product>Select Attribute Set>Product Type Step 2. Fill General Setting Information Name: Name of your product, that [...]

Aug 9th, 2014|

How to create Downloadable Product In Magento?

Downloadable product, are those product that can be directly transfer to customer. There is no need to packaging, shipping to product. It is the digitally downloadable product that you can sell one or more files. For example, Media files, PDF files, word document, videos, etc. Process to Add Download-able Product: Step 1. Admin>Catalog>Manage Product>Add Product>Downloadable [...]

Aug 9th, 2014|

How to create Configurable Product In Magento?

Configurable Product offers the customers a variety of options. This product type enables your customers to select the variant that they want by choosing options. For Example, You can sell T-shirts in two colors and three sizes. You would have to create six variants as individual products (each with its own SKU) and then add [...]

Aug 9th, 2014|

How to create Bundle Product In Magento?

Bundle Product offers you various product by binding together. Customer have a assortment of options to select product of their choice. For Example, Computer in which there is Logitech mouse, LG monitor & Lenovo keyboard.Process to create Bundle Product: Admin -> Catalog -> Manage Product -> Add Product Select Attribute set and Product type General [...]

Aug 9th, 2014|

How to add a Customizable Product in PrestaShop 1.5

In PrestaShop you can offer customers to customize the product they purchase on your shop. Using this function you can provide a tool for real-time visualization of your products and customer can visualize the end result of their product. Prestashop allows you to add customization fields that customers will use to add text or upload [...]

Aug 6th, 2014|

How to create Pack Products in PrestaShop 1.5

In Prestashop 1.5, PACK option allows you to easily add one or more products in a bundle that you can sell to your customers. Packs functionality allow you to simplify preparing orders and also allow customers to take advantage of special prices and offers. Following are the steps to create a pack of products in [...]

Aug 6th, 2014|

Free Shipping for Single Product in Magento

If you want to promote your specific product. But you might be thinking how can I do this, which rule I should apply? To promote your product you can apply free shipping for single product only, Catalog price rule to give discount, or Shopping Cart Price rules etc. For that solution is in Magento, it [...]

Jul 31st, 2014|

Use of Custom Product Options in Magento

What are custom product options in Magento? Custom options provides an simple way to offer a selection of product variations to your customer. How to create custom options to products? Go to Admin Panel, Select Catalog → Manage Products In the product Information panel on the left, Select Custom options Click the Add New Option [...]

Apr 14th, 2014|

Related, Upsell, Cross sell products in Magento

In Magento there are three types of Product Relations: Upsell Product Related Product Cross sell Product 1. Upsell Products: Upsell products are listed in the product informations page and thats mean, “You may also be interested in the following product(s) ”. From my point of view, usually here you should include more expensive products in [...]

Apr 12th, 2014|

Magento Product Attributes

What are the product attributes? An product attribute is defined as any property of a product. This includes product related data... everything! You also do not require any columns to your database. Its all automatically managed by attribute manager. You have to just add or create the attribute from the admin and you can start [...]

Apr 11th, 2014|
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