Share Product via Email to Friend in Magento

Like Wishlist, it is also way to share our products with friends via Emails. Email to a friend link will display on Product Details page. By adding recipients name and Email address you can share product. Email to Friend Setting: Step 1. Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Email to friendEmail Templates: Enabled: [...]

How to create Virtual Product In Magento

Virtual products are those products, they do not have a physical existence. They represent something that can be sold. Service, warranty, insurance policies or subscription these are the virtual product. Process to Add Virtual Product: Step 1. Catalog>Manage Product>Add Product>Select Attribute Set>Product Type Step 2. Fill General Setting Information Name: Name of your product, that [...]

How to create Downloadable Product In Magento?

Downloadable product, are those product that can be directly transfer to customer. There is no need to packaging, shipping to product. It is the digitally downloadable product that you can sell one or more files. For example, Media files, PDF files, word document, videos, etc. Process to Add Download-able Product: Step 1. Admin>Catalog>Manage Product>Add Product>Downloadable [...]

How to create Configurable Product In Magento?

Configurable Product offers the customers a variety of options. This product type enables your customers to select the variant that they want by choosing options. For Example, You can sell T-shirts in two colors and three sizes. You would have to create six variants as individual products (each with its own SKU) and then add [...]

How to create Bundle Product In Magento?

Bundle Product offers you various product by binding together. Customer have a assortment of options to select product of their choice. For Example, Computer in which there is Logitech mouse, LG monitor & Lenovo keyboard.Process to create Bundle Product: Admin -> Catalog -> Manage Product -> Add Product Select Attribute set and Product type General [...]

Simple Product In Magento

Simple product is a product to which we can sell individually, or in association with Configurable, Group or Bundle product.Process to create Simple Product: Catalog->Manage Product->Add Product Select Attribute Set Select product type Fill Product Information of General field Name: Name of your product, that will be display at front-end. SKU: SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) [...]

Grouped Product in Magento

Grouped products are those product that you can sell in a group. You can add existing product in a group and sell them. For that, you have to create Simple product first then add it into Group. Process to create Grouped Product: Admin->Catalog->Manage Product->Add Product->Select Attribute Set->Select Grouped Product Fill General field Name: Enter name [...]

Use of Custom Product Options in Magento

What are custom product options in Magento? Custom options provides an simple way to offer a selection of product variations to your customer. How to create custom options to products? Go to Admin Panel, Select Catalog → Manage Products In the product Information panel on the left, Select Custom options Click the Add New Option [...]

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Related, Upsell, Cross sell products in Magento

In Magento there are three types of Product Relations: Upsell Product Related Product Cross sell Product 1. Upsell Products: Upsell products are listed in the product informations page and thats mean, “You may also be interested in the following product(s) ”. From my point of view, usually here you should include more expensive products in [...]

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