Share Product via Email to Friend in Magento

Like Wishlist, it is also way to share our products with friends via Emails. Email to a friend link will display on Product Details page. By adding recipients name and Email address you can share product.
Email to Friend Setting:
Step 1. Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Email to friendShare-Product-via-Email-to-Friend-in-Magento-2Email Templates:

    • Enabled: Set yes to display link in frontend.
    • Select Email Template: Select template from dropdown, template will used when product will shared with email to friend link.
    • Allow for guests: Set Yes or No, either you want to allow guest or not.
    • Max Recipients: Set desired recipients number
    • Max Product sent in 1 hour: Enter the number, that will send within an hour.

After that Click on Save Configuration

    • Email to friend link in Product Page:


Enter Email address and share product


Here, you can’t add third recipient because, recipient limit only 2.

    • Product Link will goes to sharing recipient:


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