Magento Features can be changed and modified as per needed. These changes are called Customization. Magento enables us to customize it in various ways with number of combinations and permutation.

By default Magento displays Price and descriptions with Products, also it provide the facility to add any product to cart and to evaluate the total cost, update or modify the cart accordingly.

If you want to hide the product prices in your Magento eCommerce website, want to display price only after login to registered users. And want to limit the cart functionality to unregistered users, we can help you out in this case by Magento customization.

We will customize Magento in Such a way that if a guest user browse the site, he will be able to see Products with their details but not the price. Also he will not be able to add any product to the cart.

If any one wants to Purchase the product, he will have to Register himself to the site, as only the Registered users of site will be able to view products prices and will be able to add products to the cart.


  1. Users will not be able to view price for products if they are not authenticated.
  2. Users will not be able to add any product to cart unless they are logged in as an registered user.
  3. Magento Standards were Followed During Development.
  4. Works with Magento Default Themes and Modified Themes.
  5. Tested on Different Versions of Magento.