Magento Multi Store is an boom now a days into eCommerce market, these Multi stores contains various different stores which are no doubt integrated to each other through their main stores. But Magento by default provides individual carts and checkout process for that particular store. Though the admin for all the stores is the same, these carts, their products and checkout process are different and limited to their respective stores.

As per the requirements into the market, and with respect to site owners and user’s need, we have developed an feature which provides you one single Share cart for Magento Multi stores. Here you can add, update and delete products from various stores into a single and unique share cart. You can manage the same share cart from any of the different stores of that Multi store. And can purchase products from different stores with just one checkout process. This makes Multi store concept more user friendly and avoids the complexity to manage the cart after switching between different stores.It also helps the user to switch and choose various products from wherever they want without wasting their time.


  • One Single Share cart for Different stores in Multi store.
  • User Friendly.
  • Time Saving.
  • Easily Manageable.
  • Less Complex.