Customers can anyhow find about this once they reach the payment stage of your checkout. Informed your users about secured checkout process. Some browsers you will see little padlock icon. They can also find it out on certain parts of the browser near the address bar change color. This does happen when a website is completely new and unheard of. But, if some users do not get this far. When you are new to an online business, then first of all you must work hard to gain the confidence of the consumers. Accept it or not, it is a quite challenging thing to do. Some of them might leave your e-commerce website just because they think it’s not safe and secured. For those who are established as the users already trust the brand.

It might even be worth telling the user what level of encryption your store supports. Breaking encryption at that level would require more time than the age of the universe. SSL with a 128-bit key creates an encryption key. Not something which can be done in lunch break.

Best way of demonstrating a secured checkout. Anything more than this may look like you’re trying hard and you could end up with the opposite effect. There are various ways to do it. Having that simple icon on the header or footer of your website is enough for your users to get the info they need before deciding to buy from your store. However, it need not be made complicated.

Certain illustrations of showing a secured checkout – Point to Verify COMODO Secured; Trustworthy Verifier; Secured Checkout COMODO SSL; Secured internet Shopping with MasterCard,PayPal,Visa; Geo-trust Secured Checkout. It can greatly help you if you use up your time, to let your consumers know in respect of the secured checkout process of your store’s website.

Conversion rate:
Number of people coming to your site against number of people who are actually buying your stuff, is called the Conversion rate. Online store owners often think that getting higher web traffic is enough for them. In case 1, 00,000 people visit to your site and out of them just 100 make an online purchase. Rather than accelerating internet traffic, one should concentrate on accelerating the conversion rate. Now, this does show that something is wrong with your site. It means your conversion rate is 0.1%.

In order to modify your conversion rate, you must take care of certain essential actions.
Do you offer multiple payment options.; Are you aware about what your customers expect out of your stores?; Where does your traffic come from?; Where are visitors landing from, it will give you keyword efficiency also; What are they doing after they reach your page?; Do you customers find your site user-friendly?; Are you offering right products to your customers based on their interest or search results?; Is the design & layout of your e-commerce site perfect?; More offers and promotions definitely help in getting greater sales.; Do you have exciting offers or promotional schemes for your regular visitors?; Do you offer additional products based on customer’s recent purchases, wish lists or likings?; Does your store offer shipping or has a third party shipping solution already built in?; Make it absolutely clear that, Are you showing total cost of a product early in the checkout process.; Does your site show product insights & reviews to your customers?; Have you made sure that your product prices are competitive?; Is your site multi-lingual and does it support multiple currencies?; Are your providing efficient “After Sale” services?