A comparability of osCommerce cart and Magento cart in e-commerce market. How are they productive in respect of Performance, Security, Reliability, Support and Scalability as well as the Cost. Choosing an e-commerce cart is quite a challenging task. A lot of options are available there, but no such authentic assets approachable that help you to select the best shopping cart, which is suitable to your business requirements. In order to be successful any e-commerce cart must have these elements such as:

  • Performance and Scalability
  • Support as well as Maintenance
  • Marketing (SEM), Friendly URLs (SEF), Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)
  • Design, Unique Branding, Customizations
  • PCI Compliance and Security
  • Performance and Scalability:

Added features of osCommerce cart which needs multiple information interrogations per page. It also ease to features like Up-sells,Best Selling. The clients who purchased it also purchased its extra ordinary features. A legacy code is also added to these features. This legacy code drawn-out the shopping cart perceptibly, at the time of advanced products or number of products is high.

The business websites running on Magento cart, with large numbers of products, requires a dedicated hosting for them. Because, products for sale required will need a high amount and capacity of CPU power, and for that your site requires to run on dedicated servers. Magento try to screen all feature and even features which are often utilized by most online stores. For that, it utilities many extra tables as well as thousands of code lines that makes Magento cart distended and drawn-out.

Performance and Scalability in Magento Bloated & Slow, in osCommerce Slows when number of products reaches in 1000s.

  • PCI Compliance and Security:

Today, many merchandiser informing services are now require websites to become as well as to continue PCI compliant. Security should be the most important consideration for any e-commerce website. Magento cart’s and osCommerce cart’s communicator code are accessible for everyone to download. This makes it easy for hackers to analyze the code and take advantage of any security holes that they can find. If your e-commerce site does not follow the security protocols to keep your customer’s credit card information secure or does not become PCI DSS compliant. If there is a break of information in respect of credit card of consumers, then your business may be sued and penalized.

PCI Compliance in Magento Only available on Pro and Ent. Version. Source Code Breach, Plug-in Breach in Magento as well as in osCommerce are Security Vulnerability.

  • Support as well as Maintenance:

Magento cart is quite a complex cart. Due to its complex nature, holding and customizing a shopping cart based on Magento can be dull, tedious or bore as also expensive plus time-consuming. osCommerce’s hereditary pattern of coding style. Hence, this shopping cart can be expensive, time-consuming and dull, tedious or bore.

But both these carts are developer friendly. Using Open Source platforms provides greater support resources and is the most cost-effective situation. Magento, osCommerce are all developed and run on the popular open source platform of LAMP i.e L-Linux, A-Apache, M-MySQL, & P- PHP.

  • Design, Unique Branding, Customizations:

Being able to create the features and functionality and also look and feel of an e-commerce site all this should be the major consideration while selecting a shopping cart. It will also add business goodwill value to the owner of the site. Building a unique and inviting brand is an important factor to a successful e-commerce site.

osCommerce is one of the senior e-commerce carts. osCommerce makes its code are hard to customize and unmanageable. Because, they have been developed and kept up by using the same legacy style of coding. Version 3.0 is a new version of osCommerce cart. This version is in alpha, that means it will be a while for that version and it is not ready to be available for use in a production environment.

Magento is written using a Zend Framework which is based on brand-new PHP platform. But, Magento cart is developed using a heavily complicated, layered as well as tangled coding style. It has the longest learning curved shape of any e-commerce cart. This makes Magento one of the most tangled cart to maintain, to learn, as well as to manage.

Feature Customizations in Magento Tedious, in osCommerce Tedious. Design Customizations in Magento Complicated, Time-consuming, Costly, in osCommerce Tedious.

  • Marketing, Friendly URLs, Search Engine Optimizations:

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Friendly and Search Engine Marketing should be considered as most essential and necessary features of any shopping cart. In today’s competitive market, if your site does not have the optimum implementation of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Friendly and Search Engine Marketing, it will not be able to complete and will not be successful business website.

Title, Meta Tags are available by default in Magento, in osCommerce you have to add-on these features. www & non www are available by default in Magento, in osCommerce you Need configuration. Keyword Friendly URLs are available by default in Magento, in osCommerce you have to add-on these features. Google Site Map are available by default in Magento, in osCommerce you have to add-on these features. Proper HTML, CSS configuration are Limited in both. Image Alt tags are Limited in Magento, in osCommerce you have to add-on these features. Speed / Performance is Bloated & Slow in Magento, but Speed / Performance is quite good in osCommerce.


  • Both Magento and osCommerce e-carts are open source application:

Both e-carts are available as an open source application, as well as compact with all the features required to create a successful web store. Magento and osCommerce allow store owners to maintain their online stores with minimum effort. The most important common thing between these two is, free support provided by an active open source community. For a professional support contribution it may differ. Magento back-end offers a well-organized clean site structure. osCommerce’s code is a mess and the back-end is really pathetic.

Both support multiple languages and multiple currencies. ‘Spreadsheet database upload’ is there with Magento and not present in osCommerce. osCommerce and Magento provide equally good features and it is difficult to say which one is more superior. Multiple Store support is provided by Magento.PayPal is there in Magento and osCommerce. However, PayPal Pro is absent in osCommerce. There are certain limitations of Magento cart. Most unnoticeable is Magento’s slow speed. Therefore, depending upon the interest and requirement, one can select either osCommerce or Magento. As both are beneficial for establishing the best online shopping store. osCommerce and Magento support Secure Sockets Layer( SSL). SEO Tools for Meta tags and URLs’ is not present in osCommerce. Magento users have all the benefits of Magento customization practicing on the latest version of this platform which incorporates the rich user interface and better usability.