As E-commerce is flattering a highly developed business today and for running your online stores more powerfully Magento e-commerce Development can be the solution. The first thing you need to remember is that keep your website as much user friendly as possible. Well, it’s better that you consider these important points before you design your own magento e-commerce website.  If your visitors find it hard to use the internet site, you will suffer out on your expected consumers. It pays to have an e-commerce website that has a simple to user interface. So if questions comes in your mind, what is Magento and how does it work? how is Magento e-Commerce Platform beneficial to the store owner? how does it facilitator to store owner to succeed store online?

Answer to all these questions is – Magento is an open source e-commerce system. Magento allows you to sell online your all products as well as services, with a professed as well as easy-to-use computer program for the consumers, and a assured as well as easy-to-use control panel to manage your shop. In simple terms, Magento is free software created by community of developers that you can install on your hosting account to create your own online store. Magento’s flexible modular architecture allows you to customize your store’s interface to suit your specific requirements and give your consumers a accelerated, cordial, and favorable online shopping occurrence.

It runs on the Apache/MySQL/PHP platform. Magento is the world’s most evolved e-commerce solution. From single installing, you can control all mutuality consumer and merchandise info. Extensions modify you to disconnect Magento to a sizable number of payment gateways as well as transportation services. Magento’s templates and themes enable you to customize the look and feel of your store, even optimizing it for mobile phones. Modular code enables you to upgrade your Magento installation while retaining your customizations.

With Magento, you can use one backend to manage all of your websites and stores. You may or may not need this functionality when you set up your first store website, simply perceptive it will help you as your online business will turn.  Magento was designed to provide merchants with an unprecedented level of control over their web-based stores. This makes it easier to target various marketplaces, make stores in various languages, or spread out your store in a number of many different ways. There are a few terms associated with this ability that you need to understand.

Next, try and make your magento e-commerce website visually appealing.  You will misplace out on your likely consumers. If your websites visitors find it hard to use the website. It pays to have an e-commerce website that has a simple to user interface. Here one thing is most important that your website should not consume more time to load. You can have slide shows and virtual tours of your offerings in order to lure more visitors. According to explore reports, consumers decide in second that whether to stay on any online-store’s site or not.

And, what’s more, this helps in search engine optimization too. Make sure that you incorporate as much payment options as possible. It is now become one of the best ways to promote your internet business.  Google map segregation in your internet site so that it is easy for your consumers to find out your online store. By properly configuring the settings you can feature your e-commerce website in the top results of search engines. Further, work on the search engine optimization part. Customers should not face any problems while finding products and services. Also, the navigation properties of your site should be absolutely perfect. Never forget to integrate your e-commerce website with social media like Face book and Twitter.

As your online store grows, you can be sure that this robust e-commerce system can handle your needs. It offers you an extensive suite of powerful tools for creating and managing an online store. Magento is one of the most flexible, customizable as well as exciting e-commerce schemes. However, getting started with Magento can be difficult without the right guidance.

The Enterprise Edition has more features but also necessitates a annual permit fee. The Ownership Group is free to download it does have restrictions. Magento comes in two antithetic collections. The Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Magento is one of the most advanced off-the-shelf e-Commerce platforms that you can use.  We work with both and will suggest which option is best fitted to your organization.

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The e-commerce world of market is full of different- different open source solutions, we will discussed below the quick comparison between Avactis and Magento.

This open source e-commerce software solution was introduced in 2001 way before magento was launched. With Magento you can customize your websites and online stores to suit different business requirements.  Avactis is powered by Php and MySQL. Magento is a perfect solution for those who want to run successful e-commerce websites. One can easily integrate online store with an existing website with Avactis.  Online shopping stores built on this platform offer a rich shopping experience to customers. If you want to launch your online business in a faster manner, then Avactis is for you. It allows customers to add items or products of their choices from different product categories. However, it is meant only for those who are not advanced users. Magento comes in three different editions – community, professional and enterprise. Magento has a one page check out process making it easier for customers.

Avactis offers great storefront customization options so that you can have a design which you want. This is really amazing and a very useful feature. Magento provides support for multi stored. You can also integrate Avactis based online store with Face book in order to promote your business. The stores can be controlled via a single controlled panel. It permits store owners to have various stores for their many range of trade goods. Further, it supports 40+ payment methods, considering PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout and others. Magento also supports multiple languages as well as medium of exchange. Managing products is very simple with a Magento shopping cart. As prior to it  you have to setup your doubled stand exclusive with installing different areas of shopping carts. This means that store owners can sell their products and services to customers across the world without worrying about the currency or language barrier. When you are choosing Domain Name, select your own brand name.

One of the key features of using one core installation instead of multiple Magento applications is that all of your stores can be configured to use one SSL and check out process. with the use of it you can easily setup multiple online stores as per your business requirements. This provides brilliant flexibility and unlimited possibilities when it comes to e-commerce site URL-friendly links, search engine optimization, and trade good arrangement. One can apply sub folder URLs, sub domains, different domains to every stores created through the control panel. It is healthier and improved by ordering costly  SSL certificates wild card or creating and configuring several checkout forms and pages. Are you deciding to change layout of your business template, then Customization of Template  is better.

Use assembled application program to create the pages,as content Pages are essential for every business site, but it leads to create terrible HTML. However Magento is meant for those who have high technical expertise.  Are you deciding to change layout of your business template, then Customization of Template  is better. By following these, you can boost your online business. So, these were some important tips for designing magento based e-commerce website. But this does not mean that magneto is a bad platform. Also, when it comes to documentation and speed, magento seems to perform poorly.  Online Merchants wants to secure their position in world of e-commerce. Given the right kind of high end hosting environment it can be a perfect solution to power your online business.