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This is a checklist to make the process of moving from Magento to Shopify easier.This reward content is based on the Magento To Shopify Guide offered by OSCP.
Sit down with a pen and paper, and maybe your squad too, to get ready to make the transition to Shopify. Go to File > Make a copy… to get a copy of this worksheet and write down detailed answers for every one. When it comes to making the project happen, this paper will be worth its weight in gold.

1. Know Your Reasons For Moving Away From Magento

Whether you think that it’s important to rebuild or to replatform. Write down all of your major shortcomings with Magento. Whether it’s a headache or an issue you never want to deal with, in your store, put them on a list.

2. Discover what data you have available with your team

Especially when a redesign or a partial redesign is being discussed. Your analysis data will show which pages are most useful, where problem areas are and where the design work should be started.
How much traffic does it get? Which pages have high exit rates or bounce rates? What can you tell with heatmaps is how people move around your site’s pages?

3. Establish a budget for project

We don’t say,”See how little you can pay,”. We want to see how much you can believe in making the new website a reality. This plan would probably require considerable investment. In the end, if you invest in the future of the company. It will be worth this.
  • Budget = $

4. Decide how much the website design can change.

Do you need a pixel-for-pixel replication or just a little refresh? Perhaps you would like to adopt a rebrand and change your design completely? Circle what you want exactly below or what you are open to at least.
  • Replicate my existing site design
  • Use my existing site design as a starting point
  • Redesign my site from the ground up

5. Think About Themes

The look and functionality you require will determine exactly what type of theme you need.
In all reality, you are choosing between a premium theme, a custom build, or something in between. Prices for premium themes start around USD $180, and range upward into high 5-figures, depending on the size and complexity of what you need. Circle what you want below.
  • Free theme
  • Premium theme
  • Custom theme build

6. Decide What You Need Your Site To Do

Design is important, but usability is key. Identify the elements on your current site which are not a basic part of shopify.
What have you learned by customizing? For what do you use applications or plugins? Who are your technology partners and business partners that have to connect to your site? What are all the things you have to do to manage your company and what tools are required to do it?

7. Decide What You Don’t Need The Site To Do

Is it necessary to add any additional functionality? Should you pay for services and resources that no longer have a high ROI? When you move, don’t bring you broken furniture and ghosts. It will only increase your costs without any additional benefit.

8. Look For Ways To Do Things Better

Which requirements and procedures can be improved in your company by switching to Shopify? Will changing platforms allow you to spend less time on repeated tasks? Could you increase revenue and CLTV through annual product purchases using ReCharge?
Your migration can help simplify your workflow just as much as it can help to create a new site. Seek as many ways to make this an upward not a lateral step.

9. Be Picky About Your Content

Post and pages will be one of the time-expensive things to transfer to your latest Shopify platform. Be heartless about what you bring with you. Are there any blog posts not generating traffic? Do certain products not generate income? Be cold and calculating when you decide what should make the cut. List what you’re going to cut below.

10. Get Help

It is not a weekend project to move the product and customer data.This is not even a project for a week.Unless you know both Shopify and Magento systems as an incredible developer. To assist you in taking this step search a Shopify Plus partner agency such as OSC professionals.. Take the results of this checklist to them.

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