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Importance of Uploading your Product in marketplace

1. Introduction

Magento 2 product upload marketplace upload-on allows sellers to add products to their online store using simple CSV/XLS/XML records. It allows uploading of various types of products such as simple, configurable, virtual and downloadable.
The feature lets you mention the complete information about the product including its name, category, price, inventory, description, tax and so on in the document, also allowing pictures. It also allows the administrator to upload the products for dealers from the back-end. Let’s understand how to add products to the Magento 2 marketplace.

2. Seller Management

Let us look at the most commonly used plugin – the Webkul Marketplace Mass Upload for Magento 2. After installing the Marketplace Mass Upload for Magento 2 module, the merchant can select the “Mass Upload Product” option. Upon clicking this, the dealer is redirected to a new web page as shown in the following screenshot :
If the vendor selects the “Is Downloadable” checkbox then an “Upload link files zip” alternative is shown with two different choices. Either the Links have samples or to view the Samples Available.
Now if the seller checks the Links have samples checkbox then additional “Upload Link sample files zip” alternative displayed. If the vendor checks the Is Samples Available checkbox, at that point the “Upload samples file zip” alternative will show up.

Adding simple products

Presently we will look at how to add items through CSV.
The dealers will have the option to add the items utilizing three sorts of document types – CSV, XLS, and XML. The seller will select the characteristic set, add the CSV document and images zip files, and afterward click on the Upload Profile button and this will gets display in the following image.
Further, a completion message is shown reading “Your record was uploaded and unpacked”. The seller can then select that profile and click on the “Run Profile” alternative. So, please check the CSV document for the simple products.
Also while altering the CSV File, presently the dealer can utilize outer image links for a product. For this enter the photo hyperlink under the Images field. At the point when the profile run will be done then you can see this message.
Now the dealer can see the added items under the field called “My Product List”.

Uploading simple products using CSV and XML file

After developing the CSV record for add you can assign the products without any difficulty to the numerous classes and their sub-categories as nicely.
Below you may see a sample file of CSV document that has some products in it and we’re assigning these merchandise to the electronics category that has two greater sub-categories computers and cameras.
  • For allotting the item just to the primary category, under the classification column at once write – Electronics
  • For assigning the product most effective to the first sub-class of the primary category, write – Electronics>>Cameras
  • Presently, for alloting the product just to the second sub-class of the primary class, compose – Electronics>>Computers
  • In the event that you need to allow an item to the first and second class of the main category compose – Electronics>>Computers, Electronics>>Cameras
  • If you need to assign a product into various sub-classes write – Electronics>>Computers, Footwear>>Stilettos

Adding configurable products

The supplier will choose the attribute set, upload the CSV report and photographs zip document after, click on on the add products. Merchants can see the accessible configurable special attributes and consider the options from the drop-down.
The dealer will choose that profile and click on the “Run Profile” button. In the CSV file, the vendor may also consist of the associated merchandise alongside the configurable products.
It is imperative to take note that, parent configurable product will no longer upload if any of its associated merchandise already exists inside the Marketplace. You can observe the message when the profile runs successfully. Now the dealer can view the added Configurable merchandise under the field known as “My Product List”.

Adding virtual products

After the vendor chooses the profile and they have to click on the “Run Profile” button. Please check the CSV record for adding the Virtual items. The dealer will input all of the details regarding the goods except the weight. Now they can see the uploaded product list under the alternative called “My Product List”

Upload downloadable items

For adding the downloadable product, the merchant will initially tick the checkbox for the downloadable item and then the seller will pick the property set, upload the CSV record and photos compress files, after which click on the Upload profile button.
Kindly note that, for uploading the hyperlink document for the downloadable merchandise, the seller will compress each link files one at a time and then duplicate them into another zip file. In the CSV, the merchant will enter the name of the zip link for each downloadable item and after that add it.
After this, a profile will be generated the vender needs to tap on the checkbox for mass add for downloadable products and will choose that profile and click on the “Run Profile” alternative. Please check the CSV document for uploading the downloadable merchandise. In the CSV file, the seller will also encompass the link file, link type as shown within the screenshot below.

3. Admin Management

The Admin also can add the products for each Seller in the field Marketplace Management > Mass Upload Manager.
From the backend, the administrator can add any item (basic, virtual, downloadable, configurable). The administrator will add the CSV record and Image ZIP document for the uploading of items. The merchant needs to tap on the checkbox for adding the downloadable products. After adding the CSV and Image ZIP, the admin will see the success message according to the following picture.
Presently, the administrator will go to “Run Mass Upload Profile”, and select the dealer for whom he needs to transfer the items in mass. Hence, the administrator can see the added items below Marketplace Management->Manage Product segment.

Dataflow profile of Mass upload

MassUpload Dataflow Profile is a section planning highlight that permits you to keep different names of the columns in your CSV record, you simply need to connect them to the suitable information base fields. To add the dataflow profile of mass information click the “Mass transfer Dataflow Profile” button as appeared in the below snapshot.
After clicking the button, every other page will seem to add the Profile name and pick out the Attribute Set as in the following image.
After clicking the Save button, the field planning segment will display on-screen Here the admin should do the field planning i.e you should set the document name for the relating database entries, and for saving the configuration click on the Save button.

Product list

If the admin wants to view the whole list of dealers for this explore the Marketplace Management under Mass Upload Profile List. When any profile isn’t effectively executed or the administrator would not like to run a particular profile then the admin can utilize the Mass Upload Profile Listing option to delete that profile.

Product Edit Page

Once the admin or the dealer has uploaded the item through the CSV/XML/XLS records. They can view all added cross sale, related, and up-deal items while altering it. Also, they can add or Remove new merchandise. For reference you can check the below picture:

4. Features

  • Mass Upload Profile Listing Option is accessible at the dealer end to deal with the profiles which are not executed effectively.
  • Download test CSV/XLS/XML documents for each kind of product.
  • Upload a couple of product photographs utilizing the pictures zip document and also through photo hyperlinks ( Publicly Hosted Image URL ).
  • Works with basic, configurable, downloadable, virtual item types.
  • Export existing product data through using the CSV file.
  • Dataflow profile for planning the item attributes effectively
  • Mass upload viable with multi-store.
  • Add any number of merchandise, there’s no restriction.
  • The admin can also add mass products for the dealers.
  • Add a product in different classes or subcategories and It supports many language translations.
  • The code of this module is open source for customization.

5. Summary

Opencart Marketplace Product Mass Upload add-on is excessively valuable for mass uploading of items. Using this Marketplace upload-on, the dealers can upload their merchandise in bulk using CSV, XML, and XLS files. The admin and sellers can also be capable of update their merchandise in bulk and might export their products in bulk or through specific item selection.
Let us know your views and if still, you have any issues feel free to connect with us.

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