PayPal Website Payments Standard is automatically included in osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2. PayPal website payment standard is the PayPal’s secure and fastest solutions to accept credit cards, bank transfer and PayPal payments online.


Setting of PayPal standard for osCommerce :

  • Go to your store admin
  • Click on left column module link
  • Click on PayPal website Payments Standard link
  • Then click on install button
  • Set Enable PayPal Website Payments Standard to True
  • Enter your email address of PayPal account
  • If you want to change payment zone wise then select zone
  • Set preparing Order Status to Preparing
    [PayPal Standard]
  • Set PayPal Acknowledged Orders Status to Processing
  • Gateway Server Sandbox used for testing purpose and set it as live for live payment
  • Set Transaction method to Sale
  • Set Page Style to PayPal(optional)
  • Set the Debug E-Mail Address for invalid notifications. It should not be the same email address you use for your PayPal account
  • Other fields are optional
  • Then click on update button for save changes


  • Sandbox server to perform test transactions
  • Authorization and Sale transaction methods
  • Encrypted Web Payments
  • Instant Payment Notification

osCommerce PayPal Website Payments Standard