Vat Exempt Plugin For Woocommerce

//Vat Exempt Plugin For Woocommerce
vat exempt wordpress plugin

Vat Exempt Plugin For Woocommerce



  • VAT Exemption flag is set at individual product level
  • Configuration setting for unit quantity limit and price limit for VAT Exempt Product
  • VAT Exempt eligibility can be claimed as Guest or Registered users
  • Supports all types of products

WP Compatibility:4.8

Version: V1.1.1


VAT Exempt Module also available for Magento 1 and Magento 2


Screenshots :

Product Description

VAT is Value Added Tax charged on Products and Shipping. But many countries offers VAT exemption to a specific category of citizens and some specific list of products which comes under Tax regimes. e.g. Medical equipments, Equipments for disable customers.

VAT(Value Added Tax) Exempt is very helpful for the store owners from countries which have VAT tax exemption eligibility. e.g. UK, Ireland, Malta, Bahamas etc.
VAT exemption is basically a way of not charging Tax to specific products.

For Store owner:

  • Store owner to enable/disable the extension at store level from the configuration
  • Store owner to enable or disable the VAT status at individual product level
  • Supports the product price including Tax and excluding Tax
  • Declaration filled by customers can be viewed on the order detail page in the admin

For Customers:

  • Shows a VAT exemption check box on checkout. If a customer selects this checkbox, a VAT declaration appears and a customer can fill this form to claim VAT relief
  • If the admin marks a product as VAT exempt, then a customer (guest & registered) can place an order with 0% VAT on that order

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