PayPal website payment standard is one of the PayPal’s secure and instant solutions to accept credit cards and PayPal payments online. To sell online with Website Payments Standard the store owner should have a PayPal Business account and has to choose a PayPal button for site. The customer experienced a smooth, secure and quick checkout with is button.


  • Sandbox server to perform test transactions.
  • Authorization and Sale transaction methods.
  • Encrypted Web Payments.
  • Instant Payment Notification.

The contribution can be find here: PayPal Website Payments Standard.

The support thread to this payment method can be find here:

Key Benefits given by PayPal:

Millions of businesses make money using PayPal buttons.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • No credit application, no monthly fees:
    No lengthy application, no set-up fees and you only start paying when you start selling.
  • Easy set-up — just choose your button:
    You can set up a button in about 15 minutes with no advanced programming skills.

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Technical Description:

PayPal Website Payments Standard is a secure quick-start solution that has everything store owners need to start accepting credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal payments online.

PayPal Website Payments Standard is included in osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 and is available as a separate add-on for existing store owners who are running osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 Milestone 2 and v2.2 Release Candidate 1.

The PayPal Website Payments Standard payment module supports the following PayPal features:

  • Sandbox server to perform test transactions
  • Authorization and Sale transaction methods
  • Encrypted Web Payments
  • Instant Payment Notification

The contribution can be found here:,5655/

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Que : What is osCommerce PayPal Website Payments Standard?

Ans :

PayPal website payment standard is one of the PayPal’s secure and instant solutions to accept credit cards and PayPal payments online.
Que : Where can we find the contribution for osCommerce PayPal wesite payments standard?
Ans : The contribution can be find here: PayPal Website Payments Standard.
Que : Why need Auto Return?
Ans :

While complete osCommerce PayPal Payments need to click extra button as “Return To Click Merchant” for returning website.That\’s that need to Set On your PayPal Profile Auto Return Setting.
Que : What is Auto Return?
Ans :

Auto Return for osCommerce Website Payments, you can avoid making your buyers click an extra button before returning to your website after they complete their payments. Auto Return applies to all osCommerce Website Payments, including Buy Now, Shopping Cart, Subscription, Gift Certificate, and Donation buttons.
Que : How to Turn On Auto Return?
Ans :

Following are the steps for Turn On Auto Return

Log in to your PayPal account at
Click the Profile subtab.
Under the Selling Preferences column, click the Website Payment Preferences link.
Under Auto Return for Website Payments, click the On radio button to enable Auto Return.
In the Return URL field, enter the URL to which you want your payers redirected after they complete their payments.

Que : What are the system requirements of osCommerce PayPal wesite payments standard?
Ans : To use this contribution, you need

osCommerce 2.2 MS2
PHP 4.0.2+
cURL or a shared/dedicated SSL certificate.
A PayPal business account.

Que : What type of account is needed for osCommerce PayPal PayPal wesite payments standard?
Ans : It requires PayPal Business account.
Que : Will this module work for all countries?
Ans : No, PayPal website payments standard does not work for all countries.
The supported countries can be found at
Que : Where we can find the reference to this Payment Gateway on PayPal?
Ans : The reference to this payment gateway on PayPal is
Substitute Products For “osCommerce PayPal Website Payments Standard”

PayPal IPN is the one of the payment module where IPN stands for “Instant Payment Notification”. Whenever a payment transaction take place an IPN sent to the oscommerce’s IPN file of osCommerce site. The IPN handles the bluffing and hacking of payment information. In this module customer makes payment on PayPal site and then returns back to webstore.

Contributions can be find here:

PayPal Express Checkout IPN
osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2
PayPal IPN for CCGV
PayPal IPN

The official support thread can be find here:

Flow of osCommerce Paypal IPN Module:
When an order placed, it is instantly stored in the osCommerce database with order status pending (This can be made through admin configuration).The IPN is posted to IPN file irrespective to customer returns back to web store or not. The IPN file checks for the fraudulence, if all is okay will update the order status to processing. This can be controlled through admin.

So this module takes care of the following issues:
1) Even customer did not return back to the site, the order will get populate in admin.
2) If someone one bluff with order amount paying lesser amount the order status will not get updated.

PayPal has a new payment module named “osCommerce PayPal Website Payments Pro” for all in one payment solution to accept debit and credit cards payments directly on your website without going through a gateway or setting up a merchant account.

“osCommerce PayPal Website Payments Pro” has two types of payment solutions:

* Direct Payment: Payment is done on the site.
* Express Checkout: Payment is done on PayPal site.

For more details go through the FAQ’s.

osCommerce PayPal Website Payments Pro Requirements:

· osCommerce 2.2MS2 or higher version.

· PHP 4.3.0+

· cURL

· An SSL certificate installed.

· You need a Paypal account.

· You must be approved for Website Payment Pro direct transactions.

· The API certificate that you can download from your PayPal account.

The osCommerce PayPal Website Payments Pro contribution can be found here:,3716

Support thread is here: