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Oscommerce Meta Tags

How to add Meta Tags to your oscommerce shop?

To properly search engine optimize your oscommerce shop you need to add meta tags information to your shops pages and products. This can be accomplised in several ways, some automatic and some relaying on manual incertion of the meta info. In this article we will test and give examples of some of the most popular metodes and oscommerce meta tags contributions.

1. Header Tags Controller

This contribution lets you incert individual meta tags for all your products and categories in the add product/categories part of your admin, it also contains a separate section which lets you incert meta tags for other singular pages on your site.

The system also comes with a basic fill tags system, where you can automatically fill all the products and categories with meta tags.
The install is medium advanced and slightly time consuming , but most should still be able to install it by just following the included instructions.

2. C-Dynamic Meta Tags
This contribution incerts meta tags automatically for your shops products and categories (and new products, specials ++), in addition it lets you add meta tags for your index page and general tags manually.

The meta tags can also be cached for shortest possible execution time, lower server load and faster page load time.
Install is very easy and straight forward.

3. Meta Tag Controller Support
automatic meta tags generator , has provisions for most of the standard osc pages as well as generates automatic met tags for products and categories. (Made to complement the Search Engine Friendly Urls contrib, but can be used with standrd urls and/or other seo url contribs)
Very easy , just one file upload and changing of one line in the files where you want meta tags.

4.Basic Meta Tags
Automatic meta tags solution for all the product and category pages, also includes some enhancment such as category showing category name and/or manufacturer name as well as showing manefacturer name in the product details page. General meta tags for the front/main page is set manually.
Very easy just upload pre-modded files and write over the original oscommerce files.

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