One Page Checkout

What does One Page Checkout do?
One page checkout eliminates the need for 4 extra pages, which are needed for normal checkout, resulting in a single page checkout, which is simpler and faster.

Using one page checkout, customer can easily do the following:
A) Create an account.
B) Remove product or edit the product quantity in the shopping cart.
C) Choose the payment method.
D) Modify billing and shipping address.

This facility can be turn on/off by the admin. when it is in “turned off” mode, the checkout procedure is the default osCommerce standard checkout.

One page checkout has been created referring to the following contributions:
compatible with CCGV ,282 contribution.

Benefits of One Page Checkout:

  • One page checkout enables one to fill shipping/billing information, to view order totals and confirm the ordered items and quantities – all in one page.
  • One page checkout can be made to work in conjunction with vouchers/coupons module (CCGV traditional).
  • Supports most payment modes – the rest, like COD, CC, etc, can be easily integrated.

For payment modes like PayPal express checkout, PayPal Pro, Google checkout( Where payment selection is normally not done on checkout/payment page), please provide us details of your Payment mode options so that we may clarify whether one page checkout is feasible, with minor alterations, or not.

One page checkout provides the option of not displaying the shipping address and shipping mode when the weight of
order = 0.

Additional points integrated on Demand:

  • PWA support.
  • Dangling carrot support.
  • Any Payment Module.

Note:- When planning to go for one page checkout please provide us with the Shipping modes and other order modules that are used in your osCommerce cart.

Please contact us if you need further assistance.

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