Magento Shopping Cart

Magento is an amazing shopping cart that preferred by most person today. It has various built-in functionalities, by using that one can make an effective On-line Store.

Magento community edition and Enterprise edition support various extensions for your store. Magento is most popular eCommerce application.

Some Features and Advantages of Magento Shopping Cart are given below:


Magento has a standard features. Based on that Magento, support for an effective website creation. Some features given below:


Marketing promotional tools of Magento work very best for your store. You can apply a various promotions. Such as shopping cart price rules, Catalog price rules, Free shipping, Coupon, etc. You can promote your product also by offering different prices such as Tier Price, special Price, Group Price.


Magento has a friendly SEO support for your store. It is the friendly feature of Magento.

Inventory Management:

Inventory management for your store you can do very conveniently in Magento. You can easily upload products, and then keep track of them.

Catalog Browsing:

Catalog Browsing allowed to Cross sell, Up-sell, Compared product, product reviews, etc.

Multiple product types it offer like Simple, Grouped, Configurable, Bundled, Virtual and Downloadable etc. You may create simple product with custom option to offer variant choices to your customer.

Order management you can create, edit, delete and view order from Admin.

Advantages of Magento Shopping Cart:

Magento has various powerful functionality that will make your site too attractive. It is simple to create product having more functionalities. Customer can easily found and purchase a product very quickly.

Some Advantages of Magento Shopping Cart are given below:

  1. Architecture:

    Magento has a standard architecture. It is combination of Zend framework and MVC architecture. MVC architecture (Model, View, Controller) helps to split up the code and make code management. It support a Blocks and Modules to create a high scalable store.

  2. Extensions:

    Magento offer number of extensions. The prices of extension is also affordable as per your business needs. Some free extensions are available in Magento.

  3. It helps to create all types of stores.

  4. Integrate CMS Page:

    Magento offer easy integrate CMS pages to allow a store owner to manage eCommerce website easily.

  5. Magento is an Open Source eCommerce Software free to download its Community version

  6. Flexibility is the great advantage. It offer customization facility. Magento offer flexible pricing rules, by using that you can set different pricing rules for different product.

  7. SEO is one of the better advantage that offer by Magento. Using that one can create search optimization for Google and other search engines. Magento has better support for SEO than Prestashop.

  8. In Magento Shopping Cart Customer get the benefit of pricing. If Shopping cart rule applied to that product, it will show discounted price at your shopping cart page.

  9. Simple and Easy administration.

  10. In Magento Shopping Cart, you get the advantage of Compare product, Wishlist, RSS Feed that not in Prestashop.

  1. Magento strongly support multiple functionalities like Multi Store. You can create and manage stores with single Magento installation. It offer various shipping method. You can ship single order with multiple addresses. It accept multiple languages for your store.

  2. It support for multiple currencies to accept payment for your store. It Automatically update the currency rates.

  3. Magento offer a theme customization.

  4. Offer Report tool to check your business performance Day, Month, or Year wise.

By providing these functionalities Magento Shopping Cart add strength to your creation. And help to create a better shopping cart.

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