Category Listing Banner

//Category Listing Banner

Category Listing Banner

  • Simple to manage custom Banners with category and its sub-category
  • Dynamic blocks so that you can add or link to any category
  • On click of main category, its Category Listing Banner & related sub-categories are displayed
Magento Editions Compatible:
Community Edition 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x.

Version: V 1.0.0


Screenshots :

Product Description

Category Listing Banner Extension for Magento can be of great help to create number of stylish Banners. With this extension, you can make your website visually appealing and eye catchy for the customers.

The extension enables you to associate Banners with different categories. You cannot only manage custom Banners with categories but also with its sub-categories. Another key feature of the Category Listing Banner extension is that it creates Dynamic blocks so that you can add any category. Also, you can link to any category in a very user friendly way.

The Banner advertising is used to promote existing and upcoming products on every site and services. You can display banners on Home page, CMS pages and category pages for advertising your business. This extension display the category listing banner and sub-category banner with the main category in the front-end.


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