Purchase Order


Purchase Order


  • Record of all customer purchases, their status, price per order, total price etc
  • Gives total information about product
  • Detailed list of process from supplier purchase order to shipping of order
  • Purchase order delivery can be created to raise stock level and progress
  • Can place order for particular supplier
  • Can create invoice, input credit notes from supplier
Magento Editions Compatibility:
Magento Community 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x


Screenshots :

Product Description

     Purchase Order module enable the purchase order with well managed and efficient features inside the Admin panel. It is an automated module where whole process from supplier purchase order to shipping of order. It is an easy view to monitor what each customer is buying. It provide a complete listing of customer’s purchase. It can be easily checked details of each order, price per order and total price. It helps the manager to get the complete detail of all the activities of customer which helps in the further planning and processing of the store. Purchase management observe the product inventory and sales order. This module let you to maintain complete record of purchases like number of orders, price, status etc.

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