With Product Enquiry Magento Extension customer can submit enquiries or ask question about any product.
While buying a product online, most of the customers have many doubts and questions and no one is available physically to answer their questions.
Many customers do not prefer to purchase the product if they have any doubt regarding the product.
Thus to resolve this problem, Product Enquiry Extension is used.
Its act same like your customer care center for your online shopping.
If the customer satisfies by getting their question’s answered, customer won’t hesitate to buy the product.
This feature is added to delight the customer by adding the additional advantage by solving their queries and questions.
It simplifies the decision making of the customer about the product.
Magento Editions Compatibility:
Magento Community 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
Version: V 1.1.0

Product Enquiry




  • Customers can post questions and enquiries regarding any product

  • Admin can approve the questions to be posted on the front-end with the products and can post answers to the question by users

  • The customer can see the answers to their question. Also can see questions and answers which are posted by other customers

  • Admin can enable or disable particular question / answer to display it at the front-end

  • Registered customers can only post the question or answer

  • The customer’s question / answer is displayed on the product page

  • Easy to customize look and design

  • Easy to install and manage

  • Get more clients and their contact information so that you could inform them and keep them updated

  • Easy customization to enquiry form




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