Advance Layered Navigation extension is an improvement over Magento’s layered navigation which enhances navigation experience of a customer and gives easy way to browse the products based on selection of the attributes.

Magento Editions Compatible:

Community Edition: 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
Version: V 1.0.0

Advance Layered Navigation for Magento 1




  • Allow to select multiple options in a filter

  • Filters by Product Attribute

  • Handles In/Out of Stock filters

  • Price input box to enter & apply price range filter

  • Allow to filter multiple attributes at a time

  • Can set filter display setting from admin configuration

  • Easy to remove applied filter option

  • Allow to select multiple options in a filter
    This extension allows customers to select multiple options one by one and based on the selection narrow the products result. Filtering loads the products fast each time customers selects the filter option(s).
  • Filters by Product Attribute
    Allows customers to apply the filters available on product listing page. Filters by product attribute such as Price, Color, Size, Style, Climate, Material, Pattern, etc.
  • Allow to filter multiple attributes at a time
    This extension helps to apply more than one filter from the same attribute or from different attributes.For example, customer can select two options from STYLE attribute (Jacket & Rain Coat)or more different options from other attribute like from Size, Material etc. This will helps to filter the result as per multiple selection made by customer.
  • Easy to remove applied filter option
    This extension provides the remove option for each applied filter, user can remove filter easily one by one or remove all applied filter at a time.



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