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business assist

Business Assist


  • Web Portal Based mobile application.
  • Sales team application to Keep you connected to your store.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Useful for Sales Executive Team to help them to get web-store accessible on there mobile.
  • Quick lookup of necessary Customer, searching them by Name.
  • Take a closer look at each order to know who placed the order.

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Product Description

Content for Business Assist Application

Business assist is web portal based ordering system plus has many business support activities. Business Assist is a native android application that allows you to bring your Woocommerce web store to a native mobile app as easy as plug and play.

It works offline(Only need internet connection for importing products/customers from web portal and upload order to web portal).Presently application is integrated with Woo-commerce (WordPress) based web portal and we planing to add more framework.

Why Business Assist Application?

With Business Assist Integration, you can manage your online web store quickly and effectively. You just need to add your website URL and KEYS(Which you get from WordPress Admin) to the application and your store will become a native mobile as shopping cart. You can download and install WordPress plugin directly from our website:

Business Assist application allows sales executive to download products and customers from web portal to application. It allows to create and upload orders to web portal. It is native android application so very fast and as it uses Woocommerce so your data is safe.

List of Activity:

1)Download Product
-User can download product from Web-portal to Application.

2)Download Customers
-User can download customers from Web-portal to Application.

3)Create order
-User can create order and share.

4)Upload order
– User can upload created order from application to web-portal.

Features :

– Standard order form with product rates pre- populated.
– Price can be edited by user during order creation.
– Share orders by using Whats App,Facebook,Emails,Messages and other social media.
– Search product and customer by name in order form
– Reset and preview functionality for order form
– Export orders in CSV
– Easy to create order and share
– Share order data from multiple orders
– Search order by customer
– Easy to duplicate previous orders which helps in generating new order.
– Easy to get order status from web portal to application as uploaded, pending, Completed ..etc.
– Order history by customer.
– Delete order.
– View Customer detail

Other features:

Mulch-user application for web portal
Easy to use
– Easy for store owners to have a Business assist application for their sales executives.
– Support for multi language
– Support for team solution
– Fast response to user input
– Login configuration.
– Product and Customer Listing.
– Can be used on Tablets

What You Need?
– Set Store URL and Api Keys(i.e Consumer secret and Consumer key) from your wordpress site.
– Add store URL or website URL starting from http:// or https:// (Ex.


– Currently only 100 products and 100 customers can be downloaded from web portal, Will come up with more than 100 products and customers to download with our next releases.
– Once new connection added, demo will be inactive in Application.
Only single category is assigned to one product.

In Business assist application, includes user friendly sales order form, which makes it easy to learn and to use.
Business assist application developed by company that has a very successful Android “ Sales Assist” Application.

Please note that, This is free web portal based application. We offer 7 days trial for testing demo site on your request. You can request us from application “Request Test Demo Site“ or Contact us on for any question.

Download Business Assist Application and Manage Your Web portal On Your Fingertips.



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