How to Use Sales Order Id Configuration?

This is Useful Feature for user to Set Order ID as User define and requiremenet. Set Sales Order Number If user has to start Order Id number start from particular number while placing Order then user has to set that number as per below: Select Set Sales Order Number >> Enter Required Number in Diolog [...]

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User management ?

User can enable login for security of application by slider. - It ask for login only when user has log-out from drawer menu of home page. - Here user can change user name, change password and forgot password.

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Configuration ?

- show product default rate : when it is enable it will show rate saved for product on standard order form. Which will reflect in message while share. But if user not want to show price then user can disable it. - If user wants to list of product category wise in forms then user [...]

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Date configuration ?

- user can set date format by clicking on 'Choose Date Format' as per requirment, which will reflect in message and orders.

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Order message configuration ?

here user can manage message configuration while sharing to someone. If user want to share message with total weight, volume, amount, qty and uom.

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Purchase order message configuration?

Here user can manage message, which we share to vendor. User can enable or disable show order id, show total qty, show uom, show total volume. When user want to auto calculate commission when placing order then it should be enable from configuration. Otherwise user can disable it.

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Inventory Configuration ?

- By enabling manage inventory stock detail movement of stock will be enable. - by enabling add stock on purchase order stock will automatically increase when user will place purchase order. -By enabling “stock deduct on order create stock will automatically deduct on sale order. - By enabling allow pre-order User can place order even [...]

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