How to Manage Customer Group Based Tier Price?

Steps : - From left menubar of admin, Select tier price section. - Add Group - You can edit /delete group from this section. - Now, click on "assign customer" section. - Add new customer or click on edit to assign group to customer. - Now, From product section, select product name which have to [...]

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How to manage Sales Order Booking?

- While visiting to customer executive can take order from customer by using Mobile application, - If product is in stock then executive can take order. - But if product is out of stock then executive unable to book order without admin permission. - To allow executive to book order without stock, follow below steps [...]

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How Do I know my order status?

- When order created, the order status will in "Open" status. - Once order uploaded to admin, it will automatically convert into "processing". - On order list, by clicking on sync icon, the order status will update as per exact order status from admin

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How do I assisgn to my team area wise Customerto visite?

- From left menu bar of Admin Select Location manager. - Create, Zone, cities and localitis of customer. - Assisgn localities to executive. - So while executive download/refresh the customer list to visite, he will see only that customer which area assigned to executive. - So like this Admin can assign area wise customers to [...]

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How do I Manage Roles & Permission for my team?

- You can set diffrent role for your team and also assign permission to access particular features or hide some data. - You can manage diffrent role and permission from backend. So your team can access only that data which you assign in permission from mobile end. From left toolbar of admin, Select users >> [...]

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How to customize?

- Please contact to us. We will create apk for you as per your requirement. - For customization please contact and discuss with our team. We will assist you in any way possible.

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